Refrigeration and shelf life of probiotics

People often ask me if they should worry about the viability of their probiotic if they are going to be travelling without access to a fridge. The DDS strain is very hearty. It's therapeutic benefit is far superior to other products and it has an otherwise very long shelf life. Thus,  except in the case of unavoidable extreme heat, I recommend using the DDS, even if no refrigeration is available. 

Refrigeration and travelling with DDS

DDS is one of the heartiest strains of acidophilus with long term viability. Keeping it out of the fridge for extended periods of time will shorten its shelf life somewhat but it is a superior product to the shelf stable probiotics. I would suggest that your DDS-1 will be effective even if you will be traveling for up to a month without the option to refrigerate the product. Try not to expose it to hot conditions for extended periods if possible but I think you’ll find that even taking some slightly compromised DDS-1 will be more beneficial than taking a supposedly shelf-stable brand. I have seen very little evidence that the so called shelf-stable brands have any benefits at all.


Shelf Life

UAS Laboratories manufactures the DDS Plus and Probioplus at about twice the guaranteed potency to factor in the following: shipping, storage, shelf life, heat and time out of refrigeration. The DDS Plus Acidophilus and
Probioplus are packaged in glass bottles that are nitrogen flushed to ensure a more stable environment. This process allows the Probiotics to be heat stable up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time (up to seven days). The DDS Plus and Probioplus are shelf stable for more than six months at room temperature and 2 years under refrigeration.

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