Reducing seasonal and environmental allergies

In addition to food allergies, seasonal and environmental allergies are common among our member group. Here are a few helpful strategies for preventiong or reducing allergic reactions.

Reducing Susceptibility to Allergies through Immune Bolstering
Of course, strengthening one's overall resistance through the treatment of underlying disorders such as CRC and the related, Leaky Gut Syndrome which undermine immune health, will help reduce allergic susceptibility. In addition, there are herbal products which can tone immune function and increase resistance to allergic reactions. Saint Francis Herb Farm’s Astragalus Combo is a deep immune tonic designed to enhance your body's own protective functions. This product can be used on a daily basis and Echinaseal can be used as a complementary urgent intervention in case of a viral or bacterial infection. Quickly addressing and or preventing infections insures that your immune system remains as free as possible to combat allergy related irritants and inflammation.

Astragalus Combo Tincture

EchinaSeal Infection Fighting Tincture

Reduction in Allergies through Inhibition of Histamine Response
Quercetin helps to reduce the release of histamine and, when combined with the proteoleic enzyme, Bromelain, has an anti-inflammatory effect on mucous membranes. It works well in conjunction with buffered vitamin C and with MSM as well. 

Buffered vitamin C is an excellent support the immune system, support the detoxification process, and reduce allergic reactions. You can take between two and six per day on a regular basis and you can also use it to lessen an allergic reaction if you have accidentally been exposed to a food or chemical substance that is a problem for you. If you are using buffered C to reduce a reaction the recommended dosage is to use up to 3000 mg of buffered C as soon after exposure as possible.

Dr Rons Buffered Vitamin C

Bicarbonate minerals such as Tri Salts may also be used or, if you are in a real “pinch” and don't have the above products on hand, you can also use baking soda. One teaspoon in a glass of water once or twice is the usual dose. Baking soda is very high in salt and is not appropriate for those with high blood pressure.

Anti-Inflammatory Protection plus Digestive Support
If your exposure is to a food allergen, taking two to four Digesticol and one or two Zymitol may help to reduce any resulting inflammatory response to the food.

Dr Rons Buffered Vitamin C

Digesticol DigestiveEnzymes

Zymitol Systemic Proteolytic Anti-Inflammatory Enzyme Formula

Allergy Avoidance, Intestinal Healing and Digestive Support
As we have discussed before (in detail in the newsletter article on Food Allergies and CRC), food allergy reactions are best treated by avoidance and or a rotation diet. A sensitive digestive system (or any digestion system for that matter), can be strengthened by the use of Canadian Bitters and digestive enzymes (like Digesticol) are useful for taking some of the strain off the digestion system by doing some of the work for the body. The use of herbal digestive supports and good quality digestive enzymes can facilitate the healing of the digestive system by taking some of the strain out of the digestive process. This will help to reduce susceptibility to allergic reactions.

Canadian Bitters

Digesticol DigestiveEnzymes

Article- Candida Related Complex and Food Allergies

Desensitization Therapy
Another effective approach to allergy management is homeopathic treatment with dilutions of the problem allergens. A few weeks before peak allergy season many health food stores and pharmacies sell nosode remedies that include dilutions from plants found in your local area. They usually sell them along with a homeopathic of thymus and or histamine. It’s best to start these products at least a couple of weeks prior to allergy season. Practioners who use advanced electro dermal equipment can make up remedies of house dust, carpet chemicals or even, your own cat’s fur!

Air Cleaning
Hepa and charcoal air cleaners can be useful to reduce the number of irritants that are circulating in the air inside. Amairecare are my favourite air cleaners and I use them in my home. You can purchase room cleaners or whole house systems.

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