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Recipes for Recovery -  a collection of recipes from the WholeApproach Candida Support Forum

Over 480 Recipes submitted by Support Forum Members from around the world 

Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free and Raw Food Recipes 
Easy Ideas for Healthy Breakfasts, Travel Lunches, Desserts and Breads 

Substitutions for special diet considerations 
Divided in easy-to-use sections and fully indexed 

3-Ring binder design - lays flat for easy use with room for additional recipes 

Allergy and Candida Cooking Made Easy by Sondra Lewis

Allergy & Candida Cooking is a comprehensive, user-friendly cookbook and resource guide providing an effective tool for those with food allergies and yeast-related health challenges such as Candida Related Complex and Fibromyalgia. The recipes are for various stages of the diet and not necessarily appropriate for stages one or two but she does an excellent job of explaining food rotation diets and offers many practical tips for how to create one that is right for you.

Both of these books will provide some fresh ideas for food preparation and hypo allergic eating. However many of their recipes include sweet ingredients that are not recommended in the early stages of the Whole Approach anti-candida diet. Ideas about substitutions are available through both of those books and through the website in the diet FAQ section. 

If a substitution that suits you isn’t described somewhere, don’t be afraid to experiment on your own. I’m going to include a handy guide for adjusting those creative efforts that need a little extra help when they don’t turn out quite as you had hoped.


Simple Choices for Healthier Eating by Sondra Lewis and Dorie Fink 



Other Books

Also, here are a few other books that our site does not sell that may be helpful to you. 

"The Candida Control Cookbook" by Gail Burton :for ok recipes: . Her diet list is very close to ours, it's just not quite as strict (so you might want to compare ingredients used to the WA diet list before you make a recipe from it). The recipes are decent, but could be better. In general, her baked goods have a lot of potential, but none of them are sweet enough (she doesn't use stevia at all). And her recipe directions aren't very thorough. I think it's a good cookbook to start with.

"The Complete Food Allergy Cookbook" by Marilyn Gioannini: for allergies & substitutions This book also contains a lot of recipes that we can't eat, but it has many other strong points. There is a large section that discusses different kinds of grains, flours, binders, etc and tells you what they are best used for. It also teaches you to take a recipe that you can't have & change it into one that you can have through use of substitutions. Her substitution charts are very handy too.

The Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates :information, recipes, resources for living foods 

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