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I'm coming back to this program, it is the only program that has worked for me and where i have felt healthy. I suffer from various things, from Fibro, to vertigo which i have not been able to get any relief for years.

I have been going to a dermatologist for some sort of rash on my face, it does not itch nor is there any color to it, it feels like a soft piece of sandpaper. Started as a small spot and has now spread around the bottom of my face, over a long period of time. The Derma doctor has given me 2 different creams to use and neither has worked. And now i have Rosacea, ugg......Could this rash be Yeast related and if so what would be a good product to try for it. I'm wondering before i Order my New products to Start on this new Journey again.




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Hi there Mauri,


Welcome back. I'm glad to hear you've found relief with the help of this program in the past. Hopefully we can get you feeling stronger this time as well. 


Dermatology is complex. I've seen many skin conditions related to yeast overgrowth that are not per say yeast. Tinnea Versicolor, for example is a skin condition caused by a type of yeast/slash/bacteria (sort of like both.) Though conditions like this usually need topical treatment for elimination as well as anti-yeast program like this to get under control, they do much better on a candida diet.


Seeing a dermatologist is the best way to determine what the issue is though, as you may have experienced, sometimes they are stumped too. Do you know about neem oil? It's stinky but it sure does address a lot of skin issues. Aloe very mixed with zinc powder and anti-fungal/anti-bacterial essential oils can be helpful too but of course you cannot mix pharmaceutical applications with natural for fear of burning or other interaction. 


Best of luck with this Mauri,






I just wanted to mention that many people are suffering either vertigo or facial rashes from the use of wireless technologies like laptops, tablets and cell phones. A condition called Electrical Hypersensitivity is being observed. Anyone at any time can develop it, often in response to overexposure which may be caused by new pollution sources in your home or area.


Actually it's not named appropriately as the symptoms could also be said to be a normal reaction to a stressor. Electric magnetic radiation interferes with the billions of essential electrical transmissions that are responsible for our body working properly at any given moment. 


Even if it is not the root cause, if you are suffering from such conditions, exposure to EMR can worsen it.  If you have wifi or bluetooth turned on on your computer it becomes a transmitter in addition to the router in your space which transmits internet signal. I recommend you shut off these settings and keep your cell phone in airplane mode as often as you  can and/or, keep it a distance away from you for as much of the day as possible.


If you suspect EMR could be a chronic aggravator, you may wish to learn more. Cordless phones, wifi, wireless enabled devices of any kind, smart meters and cell towers all pollute indoor and outdoor spaces. We have some information on the site here that provides council in solutions.



Wow, i have never heard of this before, but so very interesting. As the first time i experienced Vertigo i had been on the computer for a long period of time for several days, months playing games......I had all kinds of test done and they can not figure out what caused or is causing it, nor can they figure out what the rash is.... I really will look into this as i am very sensitive to most everything i come into contact with, and having Fibro.

Thank you Tarilee, and i will pass this info on.......I ordered my Package and can't wait to get started back on track, its been 10 yrs since i first started this program and have strayed and now that i'm 50 and have so many issues, mostly with what i eat, and knowing how i felt on the program before, i feel this is better than going to doctors with no results.

Thank you again for the info!!!!


Hi Mau,


There is a lot of confusing information about the health effects of EMR (electro magnetic radiation.)  Many people, even those affected, are misinformed, partially because of the existence of poor quality information and paranoia on the web and partially because it is an immensely complex subject. It is indeed an enormous and difficult to solve problem. Learning about it brings very uncomfortable states of mind in the process as we discover how much of it we are being exposed to. Those with EHS (electro hypersensitivity) have a harder time of accepting the difficult realities about the level of electro pollution in our world these days. And, even though they are highly motivated to learn, they cannot always afford the training and expensive calibrated (reliable) measuring equipment needed to help them assess the exposure from their environments. It's also difficult to find electropollution free environments with which to personally 'test' theories about their own health. Blocking our home and work environments can, with the help of a qualified expert, be done yet it's expensive and especially if there are several types of electro pollution affecting the home, cost of correction may be exorbitant.


Even the experts are not easy to identify since there is a broad range of qualifications there as well and they use different standards of what is considered safe.


The Bioinitiative Report 2012 and Building Biology guidelines and Salsberg, Austria's guidelines are the most respected among the knowledgeable health professionals in the field. Holding this information back is the media, hugely influenced (and in most cases owned) by the same people who own giants in the wireless industry.


Criticism of wireless as a technology is criticism of  a multi trillion dollar industry and this has massive push back. The voices of the wireless industry and those indirectly supporting it or dependent upon it for their incomes, often go to the length of ridiculing those with EHS. Even most doctors will claim this is a problem that is imagined.


EHS is a recognized disability in some countries. However, even though the World Health Organization recognizes EMR as a possible carcinogen, they too are highly conservative about acknowledging EHS as a physical issue. 


In addition to the resources we've listed, Citizens4safetechnology or C4T is a helpful online organization for information. 


Real, health motivated research is greatly overwhelmed by industry-protective research that dilutes the pile though there are thousands of peer reviewed studies that confirm harm from electro-pollution. 75 percent of industry studies fail to show harm while only 25% of non industry studies fail to show harm. Even the anti-EMR research, though many significant realities have been known since the 70's, is still in its infancy. We have not yet determined the wide range of tests required to assess all of the possible human biological impacts. Not everyone negatively affected by EMR has an instant reactivity. In fact, 35% of the population is estimated to be mildly to moderately affected though most do not know it. Numbers of people with EHS are growing exponentially each year- some experts predict they may reach 50% of the population by 2017 and that estimate does not accurately take into account the speed at which proliferation of the technologies is growing.


Though it's not directly linked to candida issues, due to some volunteer work I've done,  I do have a fair bit of amateur expertise on the subject and I do try to post resources about it to our website periodically.


Check out our resources section here for a few good links. I haven't put new information up in a while. I receive hundreds of great resources each year and don't always have the time to filter out and post the best.





Having said all of the above about electro pollution I want to encourage you to realize your health as the the intricate balance of multiple biological systems that it is. The care for these systems requires attention to inner ecosystem balance and outer environment balance. Your goals of balancing your biochemistry, intestinal ecology and detoxifying while boosting your immune system will go a long way towards strengthening your body and mind to any stressor. 


We are most hypersensitive when pathogens such as candida are polluting and suppressing our health. Resolving candida overgrowth and supporting your body with a therapeutic healing diet will detoxify and fortify your body and mind. These components of healing are also not simple yet they are within your control. 


All the best Mauri,



Thank you so much Tarilee for all of this information......I received my Starter kit and getting ready to start again....I have so many health issues i'm dealing with, but the ones that i know this lifestyle will help are the issues i have with my digestive system and what is going into my body and not coming out and i know that one thing can effect a whole lot of other issues inside and outside of the body....I'm 50 now and i feel 80, although my fibro does not help, it was better when i was on this program yrs ago when i first tried it..........i felt so good...So im excited to start again and feel better....Thank you again......Mauri

Hello everyone,


I'm not sure if this the right place to post. However, I am really stressed out! I just ate some turnips and now I have a headache!! I am trying to follow the list but i am feeling lost and very hungry. Since starting this diet I found out I'm unable to eat rice, turnips, onions, garlic and tapioca. I made some veggie soup tonight that was horrible and I'm tired of veggies! The headache came after eating the turnips. So, i had to get rid of the soup! UGH! I had no choice but to eat oat bran hot cereal. I hope I do not experience any symptoms! I'm very hungry! I do not eat meat and fish all of a sudden turns my stomach. Please help me. This is my first week!

Hi there Tiajuana,


Your frustration is so natural. Diet changes are challenging for everyone. You'll get lots of empathy from folks here.


I recommend reading some of the introductory information to help you get a feel for some program management strategies.


Keeping a diet diary is very important to help you track how well each particular food fits for you. Some of the foods you'll be eating will be new to you.


Some foods will cause a reaction if they are non organic so keep this in mind.


Make sure your diet diary includes both the foods you eat, how you feel one to two hours afterwards and also includes any products you have started or stopped or changes in dosages. 


As you gradually get a grip on what makes the best diet for you you can also keep an eye on how environment, exercise and electromagnetic exposures affect you but this will take time. In the meantime, you can anticipate a lot of mysteries as it will take time to understand what is making you feel how. There are many things happening in your body and there will be many more as you make changes so try to address the next little while as an ongoing learning process/experiment. If you have acute or severe symptoms from any possible cause, you'll want to make sure to consult with a primary are practitioner. If you've just got minor symptoms here and there, you can expect this as you move through a bit of detox and experiments with different foods.


Make sure you're eating enough. If you have some sense of which foods have calories, this will be easier for you. Some people find that a book like the Nutritional Almanac or web calorie counters are helpful. You don't want to cause a lot of weight loss as this will be counter productive to your health goals if you are not overweight.


As mentioned in a previous post, you'll have a better idea of how the diet works once you read the full instructions and this will calm you. 


If candida levels are high, so will your sensitivity be but as you get feeling stronger, your sensitivity will reduce.  The diet program will help boost your health while starving the yeast while the product protocol will help you normalize your intestinal ecology and lower yeast/fungus levels throughout your body. 


Each time you want to start a new thread just look for the button up near the upper right of the forum text page and click on 'post a new topic.' Then you can choose to have forum notifications set to email you when this or even when any thread gets a reply (this can be helpful for learning as others learn.) When the  email comes to you, it will give you a link to come to the website and you'll log in if you want to post to it.


Check out the recipe section (all are stage one diet recipes except those in the other sections labelled stage two/three.) Also, the Recipes for Recovery book is all stage one friendly. 


The welcome link above (introductory info) will answer a tonne of questions for you so please take some time to peruse the embedded links in it.


All the best.




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