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Hi Tarilee,


I've recently learned that liver is a very nutrient-dense food. I've added it to my diet (organic chicken livers from Wholefoods) and have developed a taste for it (finally!) when I discovered how nutritious it is. 


I've noticed a marked difference in my finger and toe nails (stronger but not brittle and growing more) and less sensitivities in my teeth. An article I read was specifically for strengthening the teeth. 


Then, I learned from a neighbor that it can higher cholesterol. I discussed it with my doctor and he also said it can raise cholesterol. Others say that cholesterol is so beneficial to the body -- especially the brain -- that the concentration needs to be on inflammation regarding the heart. 


My doctor didn't seem too concerned but just said, "Let's check your cholesterol in three months."


I've been eating 2 to 3 ounces a day.


Is there an amount that would be considered "moderation"?


I've heard that the Weston Price Foundation recommends 1/2 to 1 cup a week.


What is your take on the subject? Do you eat liver?

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Definitely only eat grass fed, grass finished, 100% organic liver. And ideally find  a highly compassionate source where the animals are likely to have been slaughtered in a humane and low fear environment. All the hormonal 'toxicity' of fear will be in the liver as well as any chemicals, GMO's or otherwise inappropriate diets the animals were fed. Be sure beef ate biologically appropriately (no by products, grains or beans- only grass and or non GMO alfalfa silage).


Chickens make sure they ate organic, drug and pesticide free food and as much fresh veggie food as possible The healthiest chickens are raised in rotation with cattle or at least in rotation- moving from one place to another in a chicken tractor so a good percentage of their diet can be grubs and worms as in nature. The best chicken farmers understand the biology of the soil creatures in their area and know what the ideal rotation schedule is.


Keep in mind the more happy and natural the animal's life is, the healthier they will be for us to eat.







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