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This is one of those issues that looms so large in my head that I can't seem to get started. I've been tested and diagnosed with having a somewhat high level of mercury. I've been to a dentist that was recommended by my naturopath and they evaluated me and told me how much it would cost to remove all the necessary fillings.......

....But here's my question. How do you know where to begin? I can't do it all at once cause I don't have the money. From what I read, you might not want to do it all at once anyway. But when I asked at the dentist office about having equipment to "read the charge" of the existing fillings, they didn't know what I was talking about. I thought they were really well equipped, but now I'm skeptical whether they know what they're doing.

I don't know which filling to have them work on first. The biggest one? the oldest one? Is it necessary to do the chelation after each removal? I would like to keep checking the mercury toxicity after each step, but that would be way too expensive. The urine test I took cost $130....

...see, pretty simple questions, but I just can't get a handle on it. I think the WARNINGS!! that I keep reading about have me all freaked out!

I have lots of material to read through (thank you Sandi), but every time I sit down to read it, I get lost in all the technical stuff and I just get more confused.

Any advice, or maybe just some encouragement?

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I have read a lot and had one mercury filling replaced (I had two). What I have learned over the years is that removing them can be more harmful to your health then leaving them in place if they are no damaged. If they are damaged (cracked or not complete and have been altered by wear and tear over the course of the years it can be more harmful to leave them. A good dentist with knowledge in this will know what to do. Find a good dentist who is there to help your health and not his wallet!

That is the best I can suggest.

Also if you do decide to have the fillings replaced I would suggest using heavy metal detox supplements before doing this, and continue well after the replacement. The metal chelaters are: cysteine (amino acid) and also chlorella (get one with a high growth factor. I have read that Chlorella is stronger than the cysteine - I took both. You might be able to reduce the metal toxicity in your body just by taking these. And not having any of the fillings replaced. The metal toxicity could be coming from some other source than your teeth and it might have been there for many years. Your body might be able to manage without taking the risk of replacing the fillings.

Everybody's body is just so different there is no sure solution for everyone. I hope some of hte information I have given you helps. Try not to get freaked over the media - it is all about selling and fear tactics. Listen to your body and your instinct as to what is best for you and your health. Find a good dentist too.. super important. A good one will stear you in the right direction for your best health interests.
Thanks SeaGlass. Your saying that I should go with my instincts reminded me why I was hesitating in the first place. I was concerned that I should leave well enough alone. I was thinking that maybe I should do the pills first that my naturopath told me about, and see how it goes before I start removing fillings. I do have one filling that is questionable. Maybe I'll just do that one for now. Thanks

As for personal dental care teeth cleaning is, of course, the most beneficial thing you can do to your teeth and minimize dentist visits. Most people have been teeth brushing twice to thrice a day since childhood. But because teeth brushing is such a daily routine few people actually stop and think about the proper way of doing it.

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Hi Candidgirl,
It's important to have a very good dentist, and that your naturopath works with them. My holistic dentist had some simple looking tool that measured the frequency of the fillings. It's important that they take them out in the right order, the ones with the higher charge come out first. I'm not sure why but I think you can have a worse reaction if they don't take them out in the proper order. It's not something to be done lightly, and I would see another holistic dentist if you aren't sure, I mean they didn't even have the instrument to measure that!

Hi Moonbeam,

My dentist is going to measure the charge on each tooth the next time I go and then we'll decide on a plan to remove the mercury that remains. He is very good and he wants to work with my doctor on my detox program. He recommends a Vitamin C flush. I already take glutathione plus NAC and lipoic acid. I'll keep you all posted on how things progress.


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