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Hi Tari-Lee,

I've noticed that during the nearly nine months I've been following the diet (and I do try to follow it quite strictly), that my hunger has shifted drastically.

While I used to be STARVING by the time I had lunch, and RAVENOUS by dinnertime, now I sometimes don't even feel hungry. And when I am hungry, it's not this intense ravenous feeling. It's just kind of a gentle reminder that it's time for some food.

I don't believe that I had candida issues before about three years ago (could be wrong), but I think that I've always had this hunger before mealtimes, and have needed snacks to make it through the cooking process.

Anyway, my question is whether you think this shift has to do with slowly beating down yeast (thus making me wrong about how long candida's been with me), or whether you think it has more to do with changing my diet.

Does the lessening of this hunger mean that my metabolism has shifted?

I'm not saying it's bad or good. I'm just curious about what's going on "in there."

Thanks so much,
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Hi Leah,

As we raise our nutritional status and balance our blood sugars and eliminate food intolerances and improve the overall quality of what we eat, our body intuition guides us with a trusting firmness that is nothing like the desperate screaming for balance and nutrition that might use when being fed a less than ideal diet for us.

Also, reducing carbohydrates can balance our insulin levels so well that we go into a healthy state, called ketosis (not ketoacidosis, the unhealthy state). In ketosis we seldom feel hunger.


I can't wait for this to happen to me! The joke around my house by my husband and kids is that mommy either has to: a) eat; or b) pee! They love to torment me to no end, but it's so very true that I can't get mad at them! LOL!

I am so looking forward to the day that I'm not starving all the time. The first couple of days on this diet were quite nice as I wasn't always so hungry, but now I'm back to my usual ways . . . Smile
I was well-known at work for being the one who had to eat a snack every morning and afternoon.

I was thinking, though, maybe I just got out of the habit because I really can't snack anymore because of timing the purge drinks and probiotics and all the empty stomach stuff we do.

Probably a combination of everything.

And it is nice to not be starving every two hours.

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