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The purpose of this forum is to provide Whole Approach customers and members with access to our moderator, Tarilee, in order to ask questions. 

This is not a blog. Though I occasionally post content here, that is only when members do not come to the forum to ask questions. I am not a blogger and I would prefer to meet the needs I know you have (i.e. answer your questions), instead of guessing what information might meet your needs right now.

So I think I'm making it clear that I really would like to receive your questions And I would also like to hear what's been going on for you these past months. 

How are you feeling? Have you been on the program? Off the program? Doing the diet...not? What are you having success with? What are you struggling with?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With Love,


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TARILEEEEEEEE!!!! So good to see you posting again. I just had a very bad experience with electricity in my home.  Back in October my power went out for 2 days (we had a near miss with Hurricane Matthew) and when they restored it, they installed the coverings for the neutral ground wire on the pole INCORRECTLY! Some of my small appliances and light fixtures were breaking and I had lights flickering intermittently. I was having some major symptoms physically. But I'm also depressed from losing my dog and losing both my jobs. So I never thought about it being the power. Then my air conditioning went on the fritz. I thought, that's enough. I called the power company. Once they admitted what they had done wrong and repaired it, I felt tremendously better.  The pain in my head was so bad first thing in the morning, I actually started to think I had cancer. I could not get out of bed and function before 9:30, and I've always been able to get up early before. I had pain in my muscles, tingling in my feet, heart palpitations and arrhythmias, shortness of breath, nausea, severe tinnitus, etc. etc. Anyway, I thought the candida was kicking my as... again. I want the power company to reimburse me but I could not locate any information on side effects/symptoms on the body from incorrect grounding connection into the home. Gosh, if anyone will know something about that, you will. LoL.

And I would love to hear how you have been doing? Glad to see you are back.

Happy Saturday!!


Dear Barbie,

It's so lovely to 'see' you on the forum but I'm so terribly sorry to hear of this experience you had and I'm sorry for the loss of your dog. That must be very hard.

Did you lose your jobs because you were sick?

What a drag that you had to learn how harmful electricity can be when in excess. 

I can understand the symptoms you describe. I don't know much about abnormal electrical scenarios except to look for them if symptoms like what you describe. I've lived once in an urban house that was not grounded and so magnetic fields went up and down through the day. It was not fun at all though not as serious as what you describe.

Check out this person. He might have a contact for you regarding any potential research. I know electric and magnetic fields have been shown to be harmful but I do not know if any North Amercian electrical authority or court would acknowledge this officially enough to help you get any compensation. 


Are you getting better now? What are you doing about work/income?

Take good care,



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