*Pumkin seed pancakes

Pumkin seed pancakes

These are really similar to Tia's Italian skillet bread. I found the recipe in Marjorie Hurt Jones'"The allergy self-help cookbook"

1c pumkin seeds
1c boiling water
vanilla (optional_

Blend seed in blender and add the boiling water. Let it rest 5 minutes. It will be really thick. In a nonstick or oiled pan scoop a T. of batter. make sure they are thin so they cook properly and they will be pretty small. brown on one side and then flip.

I bet you could add a little more water to make them a little bigger. I topped them with a touch of butter, stevia and pumkin spice and loved them. My husband said they tasted a little too strong for him so they might not work for everyone but they work good on the food rotation.

this makes enough for a good single serving.

I hope you like them

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Ooooh, thanks for this recipe! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm so excited about a pancake recipe that doesn't involve any Limits! I always have to pick and choose out of what I want to eat most that day because I can only eat one Limit - so this sounds perfect!

I am glad you liked it. Since I have started this program. I have been rotating hot cereals for breakfast and inevitably blowing my limits. I am now trying to reprogram myself with new options. It is not a fast process but I am getting there.

Hello Wendy
Sorry they were chewy, I did not experience that. My only suggestions are to make sure the pumkin seeds are ground really fine before you add the hot water. You might have to stir them up a few time between blending them. And also the batter will be really thick so make sure when you scoop it into the pan to flatten it out a bit if possible.

I hope they turn out alright for you next time.


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