Hello. Would it be good for me to start into the second phase of the purge? It will be 3 months about November 29. However, I have not taken it twice a day because of the weakness caused by the dieoff and the ongoing problem of constipation. It seems that I have made some progress. I am up to 25 drops of caprol and I am trying to start taking it twice a day. Maybe I should try the SBX earlier and use some now. What do you think? Which laxative do you think would work best colon motility blend ?or the laxa blend?( I may be spelling that wrong-cannot remember the name). It is one of the two products that you offer. I have ordered the Probium 50 billion also.Thanks for your help. Hal

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Hi there Hal,

If you're following the protocol created by Colet Lahoz, which makes up the Whole Approach candida protocol, yes, you would change product phases after each three month phase.

I'd stick to the introduction of the SBX as timed in the protocol myself but why were you thinking to start it earlier? It's a complementary cleansing product, not one of the main anti-fungals. Likely you know this.

The two products for laxative effects are different. The Colon Motility is gentler and does not include a colon-irritant type laxative but it can still result in dependence. I recommend you have a look at the careful instructions in the constipation page as it discusses this issue.

Take good care Hal.

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