Probiotics are good for our memory

Probiotics and the brain

The researchers, from the University of Toronto, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Calgary, found that memory benefits from giving mice probiotics[]

Many Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) patients report difficulty with memory, often attributing it to the pain they suffer during flare-ups. This study suggests that probiotics are not only helpful in preserving memory during bouts with intestinal infection, but necessary, proven by the deficits exhibited by the mice with completely sterile systems. It also suggests that rather than remedies for memory problems, such as Omega 3, which addresses brain health, a regular diet that includes probiotics may prove to be more effective.[]

To date, there is evidence showing anti-inflammatory effects of lactobacilli in the gut, but less strong evidence that they or bifido bacteria confer immunomodulatory effects in inflammatory bowel disease patients that induce clinically significant amelioration of the disease. This does not rule out strains being identified with this benefit in the future, or being used to induce neurological effects (against pain, depression) in conjunction with immunomodulatory drugs that target the site of inflammation.

Studies on clinical populations, such as the chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia, where lower levels of bifidobacterium and higher levels of lactic acid bacteria have been reported, have found evidence to suggest that poorer gut health is correlated with more severe neurological and cognitive deficits such as nervousness, memory loss, forgetfulness, and confusion. There have been few studies to directly assess the effects of probiotics on cognition. A study by Benton et al.,[] has been one of the few chronic intervention studies to directly investigate the effects of probiotics on cognition. However, the effects on cognition were not in the direction that might have been expected. At day 20 of the intervention, individuals in the probiotic group were found to perform significantly worse on a test of semantic memory in comparison with placebo.[] However, considering the scarcity of other studies to investigate the cognitive effects associated with probiotics, further research is required to corroborate these findings.

Microbial endocrinology-based hypothesis thus can guide the selection of probiotics based on a matching of the specific probiotic organism's capacity to produce a particular neurochemical and the physiological or behavioral condition that is responsive to that neurochemical. Thus probiotic treatment could be tailored to treat the pathology and/or symptomology associated with specific disease or psychological states.

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