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Hello, I followed this protocol several years ago, and at the time I believe Probioplus DDS was the recommended probiotic supplement. I see you no longer have it in your shop. Why is this? 

By the way, this program saved me, so thank you! I found great support in the forums and the recipes helped get me through miserable times of feeling deprived.


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Hi there Susa,

UAS discontinued Probioplus. We're confident that the Probium capsules have enough advantages over any product we've reviewed so far, that we made the switch to support Probium exclusively.

Both myself personally and our customers have been delighted with the fast acting bacteria that deodorize, energize and support digestive, immune and elimination health. 

Here's a chart that indicates the advantages Probium has.

Here is the thread from summer 2014 when we introduced this line.

Please let me know if you have any more questions Susa!


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