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What can I do to heal infection in a tooth? I do not want to use any antibiotics, of course, after putting in friendly bacteria along with the purge for almost 3 months now. I do not what to destroy what has been done. Any ideas? Thanks, Hal

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Oh Hal,

I'm sorry to hear of the tooth infection. How frustrating when you're trying so hard to be pure about what you put in your body.

I'm afraid a tooth infection is a serious enough condition that it's not ethically or legally advisable for me to offer suggestions. There are antibiotic herbs but they don't always target the right type of bacteria. There are topical options (clove oil, salt swishing) that you've likely already looked into and I do not believe any of them actually fight anything more than the symptoms of infection (pain).

I'd say that your best option is to see a naturopathic doctor for some advice on this one. It is also possible that they might recommend you take the antibiotic. It will likely depend on the dangers possible from the infection and the strength of what they have to offer you.


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