Pizza dough

I am trying a new pizza dough tonight.  Simple Mills.  It contains:

Almond Flour, Arrowroot Powder, Flax meal, Cauliflower, baking soda, organic oregano/tarter/garlic.

Anyone tried it yet?  Any thoughts?

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I'm very curious about this- especially the cauliflower content. Also, if you make it, please do try to take a picture and post it with your recipe!

Along the same vein, we've got a cabbage bread recipe on the forums (and in the Whole Approach candida recipe book) though that has half the flour of regular bread.

Please let me know how that recipe turns out. If it is nice we might also try an alternative to almond as it is so expensive these days. Perhaps a blend of tapioca/sorghum/rice/coconut instead- added to the arrowroot and flax meal and  cauliflower



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The dough was kinda sticky when spreading but it worked.  The flavor is almondy, which is ok if you don't mid that taste!  It wasn't crispy, but was a good pizza dough for me.  I use goat mozzarella, elk pepperoni(my dad hunts!) and spinach and zucchini, then the other slices just pepperoni. I think I attached a photo I didn't see your message to attach a photo till today, so I don't have just the crust.  It made two 8 inch round crusts. I don't eat cauliflower so I'm not sure I tasted it, mostly just the almond.



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Hey thanks for posting that!

We could put the recipe in the recipe forums if you think it's one you would recommend to others?

Adding a different flour instead of almond - perhaps the blend recommended above, might be worth a try. And, to add crisp, try adding a tablespoon of organic raw inulin. I find it brings a crispy outside to non gluten doughs.  

Thanks again and take good care.


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