*Pizza crust -- no yeast

6 TB. almond meal

1 egg

1 tsp grapeseed oil

2 pinches of sea salt

Add some Italian herbs to taste

1/2 packet of stevia or about 1/4 tsp. of Stevia/Agave mixture (optional?)


Mix ingredients well with a fork. Spread batter onto cookie sheet covered with parchment paper. This will make a small "personal size" pizza. You may spread the batter or add more almond meal to make your crust thick or thin depending on what you prefer. Bake at 375 until desired texture. I found about 20 minutes worked for me.


I cut thin slivers of red onion, chopped up some black olives and pressed them on the top. I think some slices of tomatoes would be good but I cannot do the night shade foods. After it was baked I drizzled some Olive Oil on it. I can't do any cheese but I didn't really seem to miss it.

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Ok you are amazing Little Mermaid!!  This is my first month (end of it ) on this diet and so far so good, but naturally I am trying to find ways to get close to things others get to eat so I dont feel deprived. I would like to read your food journal and raid your recipes cause they are always soooo good to me!!  This pizza was like a bread stick to me - as close as I can get at least so Ill take it!!


Keep it coming please!  I beg of you



Hi Little Mermaid, How have you been?   This is wonderful!! I have been making a pizza on the yeast free, brown rice bread, kind of.  Using goat cheese and organic tomatoes, garlic and black olives.  But it is not the same as eating a "SLICE" of pizza, on a piece of bread.  Thank you so much for sharing this. I can't wait to try it.  

Happy Friday!




This is inspiring! I was cooking gourmet (lessons in France from our French foreign exchange student's mom) before all of this happened to me three years ago. It was tough changing. I've found that I can eat more bland than I used to but do experiment with flavors. I put together a simple pesto to put on top of thickly grated zucchini or yellow squash that is super simple. I think it may make the vegetables not as easy to digest so I only do it on occasion. It does add some good olive oil to the diet, though and a little bit of good fat to help keep the weight on. It can be hard to keep the weight on if you are doing this diet right! I'll post it right now as "Simple Pesto." I put it out on Facebook and several of my friends gave it a "like."



Did you get a chance to try it yet? I am allergic to eggs so I've had to back off of this recipe but found I can handle just eggs whites a little better so may try this again. Is the goat cheese OK? Cheese really gives me a reaction. I've heard that Goda Cheese is made from yogurt and may be one of the better cheeses to try if you are getting better.

No, I have not been ablt to try it out yet.  But I am thinking tonight might be a good night. ... If I get home early enough. Maybe you could use something in place of the eggs, like almond milk thickened with something? I love eggs. I did notice I had a slight upset stomach from eggs in the very beginning, but then when I tried the cage free eggs without antibiotics/harmones it didn't bother me anymore. But I hardly use them.  A dozen eggs will last me a couple to few weeks.  I use them sparingly because of cholesterol concerns.  My family always produces their own cholesterol and strokes run in our family.  Sooo I have always been cautious with certain foods like that.


I have used the Goat Cheese Crumbles, that is good in omelettes and in place of ricotta cheese.  There is also a goat cheddar which I have tried maybe two times, it's pretty good.  There is also the goat mozzarella which is yum.  I just got the gouda this week for the first time and I like it.  I do use all of these sparingly, I am allowed to try to eat normal at this stage, but I still alternate.  AND the goat cheeses are darn expensive!! I am thinking though I will never eat cow dairy again, just have no desire to. Along with bread or yeast containing items, crackers, etc. I have also tried the Goat yogurt.  I did have a reaction from it once. I stayed away from it for a few weeks then tried it again and was ok.  I was eating too much of it though when my body reacted.

I am looking around in my kitchen now thinking how yummy this crust sounds and what do I have to put on top of it, lol.  I am going to try my best to get home early enough to make it. Thank God for lap tops. lol

How lucky for you to have gotten cooking lessons like that. Did she teach you a lot of baking or gourmet cooking?

I will let you know later how the crust comes out.


OMG that was sooooooo good!!! I didn't have parchment paper so I used foil and a light film of grapseed oil on the foil.  I peeled the foil off while the crust was still hot, before I put my toppings on it.  I topped it with only a couple of very thin sliced tomato, some kale sauteed in olive oil with garlic, green pepper and onion, goat mozzarella sprinkled on top and a few shakes of oregano. Then I broiled it for a minute or two.  I didn't put any herbs or spices on the crust, I'd rather have the oregano on top of the cheese. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the goat mozzarella went with the kale.  It was real yummy.  I made two batches, I am taking half to work tomorrow for lunch, but topping it with something else, not sure what yet. If I could not use tomato, I would use some kind of squash or something though for the juice.  The crust was a little dry on the ends where there was no tomato, maybe because I broiled it after it was cooked.  Or the olive oil drizzle is a great idea too. It took less than 30 minutes total.  I sauteed the garlic in the olive oil, then added the kale at the last minute and chopped /shredded my toppings while the crust was cooking.  I don't think the stevia is needed though, I'm going to leave it out next time. Thank you for this recipe. I will be using it now that I know how fast and easy it was to make.

Happy Sunday.


So glad you liked it! Great topping ideas. 


She taught me baking and her son taught me how to make crepes while he was living with us. The crepes call for eggs and it's difficult to make them with gluten-free grains but I was making them with spelt (which is a low-gluten) to try to make them healthier. I continued to get reactions. It's not the same as the recipe he gave me. 


Puff pastry is important with the french baking. I've never tried to make it from scratch or with gluten-free. I've seen store puff pastry made with spelt flour at Whole Foods but since it's still gluten -- never got it.

BTW, the problems I've had with cheeses is that they are aged so they are mold. I am highly allergic to mold and so I've just cut it out altogether (unless you know something about this that I don't know). Some of my worst reactions I've had came from cheese. It's tough because the French are also the VERY best cheese producers. I am thankful that I didn't have all this stuff when we visited France several years ago...

I stayed away from the aged cheeses until recently.  The crumbled goat cheese is not aged like the gouda and the others from what I was told. I have it sparingly when I do have it.  But I can go a couple weeks with no goat dairy at all, then I'll buy something but not necessarily finish it, sometimes I throw some of it away because I don't  eat it fast enough. I am by myself so there is nobody to share that stuff with. I wish there was something you could do to counter-act that though so you could enjoy it every once in a while. That will go away in time though, right? Are you using the cow cheeses or goat?  I can't have cow dairy at all.


Oh, LM, that must be so tempting!


The only cheese I consider a healthy food is organically fed (or at least non gmo), raw, (unpasteurized) cheese and for those who are sensitive to lactose, minimally aged goat products are more likely to agree. The only way to access these products around here is from friends with farms or those selling under the counter. Ludicrous the things our governments force producers to do to our foods in the name of health and safety! Though many rules started out with good intentions, they have become all about corporate interests. Many of them are misguided in terms of what is truly healthy. Even Louis Pasteur who promoted pasteurization reversed his recommendation before he died. 




Barbie and Tarilee... thank you once again. I didn't know there was something such as chesses that aren't aged. I am doing no dairy although will have a little sour creme with my chicken fajita sometimes when we go out to eat. Sometimes I can do the goat products... sometimes they are a little wild tasting to me. I think for the pizza it would be great!


Now I am trying to learn how to make a great guacomole and will be sifting through the recipes here. I think I finally tweaked a great pumpkin pie recipe that is closer than I've ever come to something that tastes like the real thing. The non-bitter Stevia from Whole Approach is wonderful!

Oh how I would love to have sour cream on potato.  But I won't do it.  I read in a couple of places, that our bodies don't even have the enzymes (even healthy people) to digest cow dairy! We are not supposed to be eating it at all.  Not sure what they say about goat dairy though, we are probably not built to digest that either.  LOL.  The thing that turned me off about sour cream is that it is fermented butterfat.  Now why would we do that? lol.  Somebody left it in the butterchurn for days, because they got carried away with their moonshine, then when they realized it was in there, he (probably a he?) didn't want to make the wife angry, so he made it sour cream and said here, taste this now. It's good....with potato, yeah that's it. 

I didn't think about the unpasteurized, I am going to check that next time I get some.  I haven't had any cheese in ...almost a week. So, Tarilee, if I get mine from WHole Foods, then it probably isn't good?


Try soaking shelled hemp hearts and blending them up in a mini blender with some unsweetened seed/nut milk and a squirt of lemon juice. The right mix will make it thick like sour cream. Waaay more nutritious than sour cream! You can try the same with raw, soaked and skinned almonds or a mix of the two.



MMMMMmmmmm.... hummus on this pizza bread would be Good!


I've been experimenting with recipes for the perfect pumpkin pie recipe on this diet. It might not be just perfect but it's the closest I've found yet! I'll post it soon. I asked my doctor if he liked pumpkin pie and he asked me to make him one! Now I need to find a better "whipped cream" that is non-dairy and good for this diet. I'll search through the recipes...

Hemp nuts and or coconut cream/coconut manna make a good whipped cream so can almond. A bit of silken tofu is another option though I prefer to avoid soy. For lots of ideas for whipped cream look to raw food websites and just sweeten with stevia instead of agave syrup or whatever they recommend.



I bought sundried tomato wrap, made from carrots, flax seeds, sundried tomatoes, onion, garlic, lemon juice, parsley, oregano, sea salt. It's from a Toronto (Canada) restaurant that supplies organic food stores, called Live. But I see you can do the night shade veg. They are ground up and pressed, and look like a tortilla wrap. I think it is ok for the candida diet, please confirm, Tarilee.


Would love your pumpkin pie recipe, have organic pumkin filling waiting for it. let us know!


I am really learning alot from everyone here, thank you for that!



Hey Guys i think that If you're making a rectangular pizzas,form the dough into a difficult square. For a circular pizzas, form it into a difficult group. In either case, don't pat it flat just expand it temporarily into form. Allow the dough to rest, protected with an overturned bowl or gently oiled nasty cover, for 15 minutes.Thanks a lot!!

Barbie... I was thinking about and missing you this week, too!!


I am doing SO MUCH better. For awhile I had some problems with eggs so couldn't do this recipe but I think I might go back to it now that I am doing a lot better!!! 


I haven't shared the pumpkin pie recipe because it seems to be inconsistent in quality. Not sure why. I am wondering if the canned organic pumpkin pie might be a bit different from can to can. I will go ahead and put it out here soon anyway. I've noticed that it is not good hot out of the oven. It is best to let it wait a day in the frig and eat it cold. The flavors seem to meld and it seems a bit sweeter, too.

You know, I think we are a lot more intuitive when we eat good, wholesome foods and treat our bodies extremely well.  That must be why we were thinking of each other at the same time.  lol. I have some frozen pumpkin meat that I saved from October. I took Tarilee's advised and cooked and froze the fresh pumpkin. So I can't tell you much about the canned stuff. I need to go back to the first Phase of the antifungals, but I am procrastinating. Blah!! 

Happy pre-Friday! 




Yes! It's true... more intuitive. So sorry to hear that you are still needing the antifungals. I do a few on a sporadic basis just as a preventative. I found that I also had to focus on healing my stomach after killing the fungi. I do this with Marshmellow tablets (there are some odd sugars in it but it doesn't affect me) and a powdered form of L-Glutamine (Iron-Tek brand that can be found at Wholefoods). I could not take the "Smooth Operator" here at WholeApproach because of shell fish allergies but heard it helps. I found for a time there at the end that I needed to cut out grains (especially all the rice I had been eating) for a while and have had to cut out rice all together. Lately, I've added back my waffles. I eat them frozen sometimes because they remind me of ice cream sandwiches!!

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