phase I away from home

HI there Anitak,

I'm very sorry for the delayed reply. We are working out some bugs with the new moderated topic approval system. Normally you should see your posts up on the forum within a day. 

I'm far from an expert in flying though I do know you have to take fluids in your stowed luggage. I'm not sure if there is a ml limit in stowed luggage? I know that some shampoo bottles are better than others at transporting with out spills and my uncle who flies all the time, still puts them in a ziplock or tapes the tops. I'd recommend using well recommended shampoo bottles to take what you'll need for your trip. 

If you absolutely can not take any substantial fluids you might want to switch to GSE for the amount of time you'll be a way. It's not ideal to switch anti-fungals but it may be better for you than having no support while away. The GSE  is a very small bottle of fluid and, if you temporarily use a few charcoal capsules in lieu of bentonite, it won't adsorb the toxins from the dying yeast as well as bentonite but it again, would be better than nothing. Charcoal caps are not recommended for more than ten days at a time.

Your other option is to just take the psyllium and probiotics for a few days and try to do the best you can with your diet until you get home again to start to anti-fungals and Bentonite again.

Happy travels and happy holidays!


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