Phase 3 problems with Kolorex

I have begun phase 3 and have begun to take Kolorex.  I felt quite unwell. so I stopped the gel and then felt better.  I begun again 6 days ago and again feel most unwell, very tired lots of brain fog.  The SBX I haven’t started yet as I want to get right with one medication at a time.

Can you advise me as to the course of action to take?

Many thanks. Catherine Hancox

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Hi Catherine,

I'll do my best to give you some information to help you decide what to do with the next steps of your candida cleanse. If you've tried going on and off the Kolorex and the symptoms are associated then you're likely right in attributing them to die off. 

Here is a post about managing die off. 

I think you're wise to hold off on the SBX also. I love that product and I find a marked difference in how well I feel when I take it. However, it is a probiotic that has some very therapeutic properties and could cause some initial fatigue if you have a lot of pathogens to deal with. 

What we usually suggest with anti-fungals is to reduce the dose until you can feel it working but without all the symptoms of die off...keeping the symptoms so that you can just barely sense them under the surface.

Since you can only adjust the dose per capsule, if you need to, you could try taking it less often, even as little as once every one or two days. This will give your body a chance to catch up to the cleansing required to flush out the dead yeasts and mycotoxins.

I suggest drinking more water and making sure to continue the purge drink to help soak up the toxins and ease symptoms. 

The Detox teas are also effective at speeding recovery from die off.

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any more questions. Take good care Catherine.


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