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Although I have been following this forum for over 4 months now, enjoying the recipes and tips you share and sticking to the diet (almost to a T... I do go on nightshade/almond/sheep cheese binges sometimes... ) but this is the first time I've posted.


Has anyone experienced the following - a burning sensation around the anus and along the outer labia after using Pau d'Arco tea? If I remember correctly, it started about a couple days after I started my Pd'A cure. I used it for about 3 or 4 weeks (following the instructions ont the packet - 1 heaping tablespoon for 3/4 Litre water - half one day and the other half the next) and the itching was just getting worse and worse... I thought it was thrush, I used some meds (cream and ovules), which calmed the burning/itching, but it would come back afterwards. My doctor thought it was a skin irritation and prescribed a calming cream (Bepanthene here in France), which didn't help. I saw my gynecologist again yesterday, who checked a swab under the microscope and found just one thread of candida, so she gave me meds again all the same, saying it was maybe a tiny infection but to the eye there was nothing and even analysis would probably not show anything.


Anyway, what I'm getting to is that I stopped the Pd'A about a week and a half ago and the burning SEEMS to be going away. Definitely around the vagina, it's just been stubborn about the anal area, though it only gets worse if I wipe too much. Otherwise it seems to be calming... has anyone else had this problem or is it just a big coincidence and the burning/itching sensation is caused by something else (eating too much of a certain food, die-off? Though this kind of die-off lasting 4 weeks is weird and just horrible!). I plan on doing another 4 week cure of Pd'A tea next month, so I guess I'll find out then, but I'd love to know if someone else can relate!


Thank you so much and sorry about the long post

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Oh dear Poule,


I'm so sorry to leave you hanging. I started to answer your post last week and somehow didn't get it posted. 


I cannot say I've ever heard of a die off reaction that sounds so 'out of the blue' unless this exact symptom happened to be an ongoing symptom of candida overgrowth for you? Sometimes, as you've like read in the Die Off article  symptoms can worsen as we begin to clear the candida out.


I've known P'au Darco to be stimulating for some people and definitely a strong anti-fungal but I've not known it to cause the kind of heating and inflammatory response you describe. It's possible you have some sort of allergic reaction going on or could it be that you're eating some sort of nut or seed or spicy pepper that could be related? Even this is rare given that you're describing the vaginal area as well. Truly, the only way you'll be able to be really clear about this is to stop it for a week to ten days and then to start it again, being sure not to start other supplements or new or suspect foods at the same time.


You would also be wise to see your doctor about the symptom to see if there might be something else going on that you need to address.


I hope this is helpful to you. 


Take good care and good luck with this!




PS I'm moving this thread to the Women's section but you'll still find it on the list of recent posts on the right.

Hi Tari Lee,


thank you for your reply!! I guess I still don't know what it is... though the horrible itching and burning has gone away almost completely. I do get itchy behind here and there though... I think I've been eating too many pumpkin seeds (the green ones)... I tend to like to snack. I'm really trying to learn self control, to stop going back for more!! Anyway, I'm almost done my bag of seeds, I won't buy more and I'll just wait to see what happens.


I've read that almonds (and tomatoes and dairy products) can cause anal itching if too much is consumed... I guess the same would go for almond butter? How much is considered too much??? I usually spread some on 4 buckwheat crackers. Maybe even a little bit is enough to trigger a reaction.


Ugh, it's really annoying!!! I admire you all for the years you've invested in this diet!



Hi Poule,


I want to assure you that I have used this diet approach many times for therapeutic support but that I eat other things too. I certainly keep to the basics of it because it's a feel good, immune boosting, happiness diet for me.


The how much is too much question is a very individual one. A daily food diary might help you to determine which foods make you feel best and which ones you should avoid and then also- which foods you can eat in moderation! Your unique moderation 



Dear Poule,


I too have experienced exactly what you're talking about, particularly after taking Pau D'Arco herbal supplement which is much stronger than a tea. Crazy itching in the same places. My naturopath took me off immediately and said we needed to wait for while on dealing with the Candida until some other issues were resolved first (removing viruses and metals from my body). Also, it's important to note that I've dealt with overall body itchiness for some time, particularly after a candida cleanse, because my liver wasn't pumping out the die-off fast enough. It might be best to gently make sure your liver is flushing properly (mine was so bad I couldn't even do a liver cleanse or drink a liver detox tea without getting uterine contractions). If you know of anyone who practices nutrition response testing or applied kinesiology and has the credentials to back it up, I'd suggest seeing them about this. In the meantime, I tried a topical gel product called Yeast Guard that did help the symptoms when the flare ups occurred following the Pau D'Arco. Hope you're feeling better by now.

Hi Brigette,


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