Packable travel food for motel or camper breakfast

Are you travelling to visit relatives this holiday season? Wondering what to take for a meal on the road or breakfast with loved ones? 

A packable, instant raw 'porridge' can be made with sprouted flax powder (Organic Traditions has one), vanilla stevia drops, shelled hemp seeds, and coconut milk powder (just add water), coconut cream (to grate into it). If you're patient enough to let it soak for fifteen minutes, you could add some whole chia seeds as well. Some people also like sprouted, dried buckwheat grains.

Combining all ingredients and mixing in makes like a yummy cold 'pudding porridge' but you can also mix the coconut milk and add the liquid on top of the bowl. Any almond or non-dairy milk will work in place of coconut milk.

If you're on a later stage of the diet, you might bring (or pick) fruit to  combine. Roasted seeds or nuts could make an additional topping treat.

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