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Our moderators are Tarilee Cornish and Linda Koep. In reading some of our archived posts, you will also read posts from previous moderators Wendy McPhail anad Deborah Page.

Tari-Lee is a holistic nutritional consultant specializing in a food therapy approach to allergy, candida and immune management. She believes deeply in mind-body medicine and in conscious eating choices that benefit ourselves, our ecology and our local and global communities.

Linda is the founder of Whole Approach. In 1991, after successfully using the Attogram products in her own recovery from Candida Related Complex. Linda started the company to help others realize success in overcoming CRC. She has spent well over a decade learning in this field. The idea of this forum came to life in 1998 when Linda realized the need for a support group for those who felt alone in their quest to regain their health through the whole lifestyle CRC recovery program required for true healing.

Tarilee and Linda all share a common bond with each other and with our members as they have both recovered from Candidiasis (CRC.) They both bring many years of experience in the support of Candidiasis recovery.


These days, Tarilee is our main moderator. She is on the forum to answer forum questions twice a week for a couple of hours on Mondays and Thursdays. Big Grin

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