Oregano as a Phase II Alternative Anti-Fungal

Extra Strength 1:1 Oreganum Plus as an Anti-Fungal or for Infection Fighting

Oreganum as an Infection Fighter

As most of you know, we’ve been selling the Saint Francis Herb Farm Oreganum Plus for several months now. It is a great full spectrum infection fighter for use against viruses and bacteria. For an even "fuller spectrum" effectiveness, it can be used in combination with Echinaseal when extra strength medicine is required. Some folks use Oreganum Plus combined with Echinaseal when a viral or bacterial infection is “putting up a strong fight”. Very few pathogens can live in the presence of this powerful combination! For more general information about SFHF’s Oreganum Plus, please see this link: Organum Plus Oregano Oil

It’s clear that Oreganum Plus is a truly perfect complement to the Whole Approach program as an overall tonic and a multi-purpose infection fighter. However, the most important reason that we brought this product to the site, is to offer an alternative antifungal product for phase II. Oreganum Plus is a potent, yet gentle anti-fungal. Although a lot of people experience very comfortable, effective treatment with the phase two anti-fungal, ProSeed Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), some seek alternatives. It is with these people in mind that we have developed the following new alternative Phase II Oreganum protocol:

Protocol for Oreganum as an Alternate Anti-fungal for Phase II

Simply mix the Oreganum Plus 1:1 oil with the Bentonite and Psyllium purge drink along with one to two teaspoons of olive or flax oil (to cut the spiciness down a bit.) You can use up to five drops twice per day of the Oreganum.

Note:The more thoroughly you mix the Oreganum into the purge drink, the less likely you are to experience it’s spiciness strongly. If it is not thoroughly mixed in or if taken with water in high doses, it can create a burning sensation on the lips.

The recommended instructions from SFHF suggest using up to ten drops twice per day but my recommendations are more cautious because our client group tend to be more sensitive than most. The super strong 1:1 SFHF oregano oil that Whole Approach sells can be highly effective at the more moderate doses we are suggesting.
Organum Plus Oregano Oil

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