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I am no longer treating yeast. I have cleared it and am just trying to rebuild my good bacteria and don't tolerate probiotics very well.

My question is....does Olive leaf Extract kill off your good bacteria too. A search turns up conflicting info on this. I love the olive leaf extract and take it when I start to feel a cold or flu coming on and I usually don't get sick. 

Since I can't really tolerate probiotics, I would like to take a maintenance dose to keep bacteria and yeasts down while restoring the good.  Will it kill off the good bacteria too, or is there a good antibacterial that doesn't kill the good too.

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Hi Michelle,

I honestly don't think there has been extensive research on each and every herbal anti-fungal/anti-bacterial out there. I too have seen both clinical evidence in support of OLE's compatibility with healthy gut bacteria as well as certain warnings against. Not sure if I've actually seen research against.

Taking a maintenance dose would likely lose it's effectiveness after a few months. I think your use of it to support the prevention of viruses and occasional reduction of yeast makes good sense.  I would not recommend you take it for more than three months, at least not without the advice of your naturopathic physician. Digestive enzymes on an empty stomach would not concern me.

Have you tried probiotics with inulin fibre and without? Which ones have you reacted to? I'd compare the ingredients. Some people do not easily tolerate some of the fibres they are packaged with (the probiotics).

I hope that is of some help. Please do let me know if you have other questions. Take good care.


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