Nutritional Evangelism

A bit of hard learned advice...

Nutritional Evangelism

Once we start feeling the benefits of our new habits and the candida diet it's almost inevitable that we will begging to feel an urge towards what I call, “nutritional evangelism”. This is when we each become a “born again nutritionist” and try to change the diet of those we care about.

Rather than further alienate those around you by preaching and pushing, I encourage you to acknowledge the urge to try to change others and to refrain from acting on it. Instead, consider the wisdom of focusing on your own healing. Hint- you may have gone too far if you see a glazed look that might be caused by you sharing “too much information”. 

You want to avoid feeling superior or overly concerned about others or trying to bring others along - either in a search for their approval, or our own satisfaction. And we need to learn to be artful about sharing minimal information in a  way  that others can relate to. As long as we are clear that we're not seeking agreement with what are our own personal decisions/choices are, then we can probably resist getting entwined in an effort to sway the minds of others.

Sharing in small bites
If you know someone very well and if you feel they will listen with authentic concern and a non judgemental mind, you might want to tell them what you've been exploring. Still it's usually best to try to give short, summarized 'sound bytes' and allow them to ask questions rather than overwhelm them with information.

Leading by healthy example
Your new preferences will create a challenge for your loved ones. They may feel frustrated about wanting to feed you but not knowing how and they may wonder if what you are choosing is healthy for you.  You may also find that diet choices can raise philosophical debates that are best avoided at least during eating.

If you care about positively influencing others,  you can likely have the most impact by quietly, confidently demonstrating your new ways and hope for success with your own approach so that can be an inspiring model.

Each of us will start when we are ready and from where we are at.

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