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Hello Everyone,
I have a question about nut butters. I read some where (can't remember right now) that nut butters and anything else that could be sticky i.e. cheeses should not be eaten by people with candida. Any thing that could possibly slow down the digestive process should not be eaten. Is this correct? I've notice for me that I can eat nuts but must do so carefully, they do take time to pass (if you will).

I'm also realizing that not eating limit foods is easy for me, but being able to eat enough or eat something that satisfies me is very hard. I'm in the kitchen always!!!! i'm just boo hooing today i guess.

Oh well, hope all a merry christmas

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Hi Ruthie,

Nuts are better eaten after soaking (for six to eight hours depending on the size of nut.) After soaking they are easier to digest for two reasons. The protein digesting enzyme inhibitors are broken down by the beginning of germination that naturally occurs when they are soaked. Also they are more hydrated and therefore move through the digestive system more easily. Having said that, as Leon mentioned, as long as you use OK nuts and if you eat them in moderation, I would say that you could go ahead and try them. Your individual response will be your final answer on this one. Be sure to buy from high quality companies that use only the freshest, mould-free nuts. Also, watch out for the dreaded urge to have a 'nut butter binge'! Nut butters are notorious for causing addictions and binges. If you stay alert to this possibility and are able to stop eating them if you run into trouble, then you'll be fine.

Cheers, and enjoy (with some caution)

I'm choosing to stay away from the nut butters but I do enjoy nuts in general. I understand how to soak the nuts, I use an organic vendor who uses sea salt and I don't seem to have a problem with them;so I eat them. My daughter eats them as well, really loves the almonds.

Thanks Leon for you information as well.

Have a Happy Holiday

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