no gluten,sugar,ect.

Hi there Carla,

Whole Approach candida care forum offers support to members on just such a diet. The Whole Approach Candida diet is designed to support balanced blood sugar, candida cleansing, inflammation reduction and overall immune support and cleansing.

The Whole Approach online store offers a comprehensive line of candida cleansing protocol and complementary products to support you in your recovery process. Learn about the Whole Approach candida cleanse in the welcome post.

The shape of the service offered here is in transition and we will be consulting with our members in the coming days to help us adapt the support we offer to better suit our customer's needs today. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming survey.

I look forward to hearing back from you. Take good care.


Dear Carla,

Welcome to the Whole Approach candida forum.

I invite you to visit our welcome page to learn more about the products and diet program Whole Approach offers.

I normally answer questions on this forum but will be away for the month of May while we redesign our forum services. We'd appreciate your feedback about what you think you might need. Please do fill in the 2-3 minute survey to help us gel you better. Thanks!


Hi Carla,

I've been a member here very long time. I had a huge problem and many symptoms of candida related complex. Initially I scored very high on the questionnaire.  Did you take the questionnaire to determine what your score is? Here is a link to get you there if you are interested....          Candida assessment questionnaire

This will also help you understand what symptoms you might be having that are candida related and perhaps you did not realize.  There were many symptoms doctors were explaining away as something else, only to find out it was all candida related. I was having allergic reactions to foods.  Is that what you meant by you can not have certain foods?? When I first began using this forum, I had brain fog, very badly. I had to read a little at a time and digest in bits and pieces. All of this information can be a little over whelming, so I will help you as best I can. Let me know how you did on the questionnaire and if it helped you recognize additional symptoms. And what you mean by you can not have those foods.



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