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Hi everyone this seems like a wonderful site. bouncepurple
There is suck great information on here..

Here is a little about my story. I have had Lyme Disease for 14 years went undiagnosed for 11 and have been treated with various different antibiotics for 3 years now.

I asked my Lyme Doctor to test me for Candida Antibodies and he told me he didnt want me to freak about the results that I would probably have some......

Test results come back with elevated IGM and he wasnt expecting that. I can't tell which symptoms are from my lyme disease and which are from Candida so Im kinda stuck in hell right now. He is a wonderful Doctor absolutly wonderful. I owe him my life...but he doesn't know what to do with my Candida.

I made an appointment to see an alternative Doctor, highly reccomended to me for Sat at 1pm.
I feel like parting with sugar is like leaving my best friend. I feel so crazt about this. verysad

I am not starting any diet until Sat so someone can give me guidelines to work under. I'm just so frustrated tired confused (as you can tell by my spelling, I have very bad brain fog Unsure).

Its nice to come to a place where everyone understands.....

Thanks for listening...

God Bless
"Walk by Faith, Not by Sight"
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Hey Abbie,
Welcome!! wavey2
We sure can sympathize with what your going through. Just hang in there, help is on the way. Just take it a day at a time.
In the mean time, they have a great sugar substitute here called Stevia and you mix it with Chicolin. I love it. I use it with everything I want sweetened. In my tea, on cereal, you name it. It will take time and a lot of reading to figure out what you need, but we are here to help you.
These are a great bunch of people, all suffering from the same thing, so we can all relate.
My daughter has Lyme's Disease too. She went for three years without being diagnosed. She has rhumatoid arthritis real bad from it. Thankfully she doesn't have to deal with this candida too. I feel bad for you, having a double whammy.
You came to the right place, but you won't get an instant cure. I think we all came here hoping for that, but that's not how it worksNo.
But don't give up, it's worth the time and effort. Yes
Hi Abbie and welcome to the forum...I did find a website once that talked about the link between candida and lyme disease, but then I think candida is linked to every disease. But if I can find it I will send it to you if your email address is posted under your profile.

The diet is a tough one, and I know for myself, I could never have done it if I wasn't so sick. Now that I am feeling better, I find myself straying more often, especially when I am the road for any length of time. I can prepare enough food for several days, but when that is gone, look out.

A good place to start is the home page; download the questionaire and the food list and read the treatment overview. Tarilee should be here tomorrow to welcome you officially. The diet is a little strict, but it sure helped alot of us get our health back. I think that is the key, to get the candida under control and then to work on any underlying issues.

Good luck with the home page; anymore questions, please feel free to ask.

Hi Abbie,

Candida and Lyme's disease are not directly related as far as I know, however, as Sandi mentioned, candida-related-toxicity can worsen any condition and relieving the resulting constant stress on the immune system can make a big difference as far as bolstering one's healing abilities. Having said this, when a degenerative or inflammatory condition like Lyme's disease is present, it's important to take care while treating candida, not to rush the detoxification process. If you address the candida overgrowth slowly and gradually, you can move through this aspect of your healing with the minimum of die off symptoms. You can read all about die off in the article on it found in the newsletter section. This article explains how the die off process temporarily increases toxicity as the candida release more of their by products when they are dying than when they are living.


I'm going to post a combined welcome post for both you and Michelle below. Through it you'll be guided to a large amount of introductory information that should help you to find your way, both through your lifestyle improvements as well as around our website.

Take good care of yourself and I wish you all the best as you embark on the early stages of your candida investigation and the development of your healing strategies. We're here for you if you have more questions.

Dear Michelle and Abbie, welcome to the Whole Approach forum.

Since you’re new here, you could likely use a little help getting to know the forum and everything that it and this website have to offer you.

In addition to inclusion in an amazing community of candida forum buddies (a little bit of which you have already experienced), the Whole Approach program involves a recovery diet integrated with anti-fungal colon cleansing and systemic yeast treatment. If you follow the links in the welcome link I’m going to include below, you’ll get a feel for the extent of the program benefits that we offer here. The products are available through the online store. Our forum is intended to help counsel folks who have chosen the Whole Approach product line for their anti-fungal program. Proceeds from the sale of these products pay for the maintenance of this forum.

Whole Approach has been supporting customers using the Attogram purge drink and complementary products since 1991. We’ve searched the natural products industry for the very best products to help us help you and we have coached thousands of members as they work through the challenges of a whole body, whole self, detoxifying, candida cleanse. As you read about the Whole Approach products and diet, if you decide that this approach feels right for you and you choose to embark upon the Whole Approach healing path, I will be pleased to be your guide. I come on the forums Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for ninety minutes or so to answer questions about the program.

Please check out the welcome post that I’m going to post for you and go to the Getting Started section from the link on it. From there you’ll find a whole list of Getting Started related links that will essentially guide you through the exploration of the important parts of our site. It’s a pretty low-tech tour but it does the job and will help you learn about the many ways that the Whole Approach forum, site and products can help you.

Because most folks who come to us are coping with some similar issues we have provided a lot of information in the FAQ sections, the article sections, the Diet sections and the other areas of the site that would otherwise require repetition frequently. Please do take the time to get to know the layout of our forums and our information sections. There is a great deal of helpful information available here. We also have an excellent search engine with advanced search options that make it possible to be quite specific in your search. If you have trouble finding something in the layout of the forums and you can’t find it in the search engines, by all means, just ask me and I’ll be happy to help.

We have some incredible and supportive forum members here and mutual support is what we are all about so you may also enjoy some introductory help from your fellow members as you find your way (a little bit of which you've already experienced.) Once you become a Whole Approach veteran, we hope you too will take pleasure in offering support and guidance to others as they begin their healing journey.


P.S. Here's the "welcome link" I promised:

You can visit the Whole Approach welcome page and it’s associated links by clicking on the following link. You’ll find lots of helpful information about our program, our site and the products sold by the Whole Approach store.

Welcome to the Whole Approach forum
Thanks guys Smile It feels good to have people understand and you have such a wealth of information....

I spent 4 hours at the Dr.'s office today and they gave me all kinds of stuff. Obviously told me not to eat sugar and that whole diet.

But the gave me....a whey protein shake thing then something called IGG 2000, florastor, Garlix and a probiotic.

Today is the first day of trying to not eat sugar and I feel like I am going crazy....I have to go and print out the questionare. Thanks for all your responses guys Smile
HI Abbie--welcome tot he forum! I just wanted to say to go easy on what the doctor gave you. That Florastor did a number on me when I was too ill to handle the dosages my doctor told me to take. Also, go really slow with the garlix as it will likely cause some die off (the newsletter on die off would be a great read for you right now--if you can't find it let me know okay?)...

Just remember that even though these products are natural they can pack a punch and if you feel a lot of discomfort, you'll need to hold back on the dosage and go slower--let your body be your guide. I listened a little too much to my doctor and not enough to myself in the beginning...

In any case, very good luck to you and please let us know how you are okay?!!

Ashley Smile

I second everything that Ashley said. Those were some very wise words Ash. Thanks! Abbie, are you postive that you are able to tolerate whey well? It is a milk protein after all and despite the fact that it may be lactose free and/or purified, it still comes from milk and many folks with sensitive digestion find milk products very challenging to digest. Go easy on it and, as Ash encouraged you to do, listen to your own body as your best guide.

Take good care and good luck.


I found myself reminiscing today about the community activity and all the love that went around this internet meeting place years ago. Back in the early 2000's when I first started here, we were one of the few places that people could gather on the web and support each other. 

People use it still though in a more individual way and they read much more than they post. I thought it would be fun to pull up some of the older posts as the issues presented by some of them, and the support and advice offered, doesn't really 'go out of style'. Perhaps you'll find it's just what you need to hear right now.



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