Neurotoxins and autointoxicaton

Hi Hal,

I'm not really sure what you are asking but I think you're referring to the neurotoxins that are released by candida (living and dying) and the autointoxication that is related to constipation. 

I apologize but I cannot answer these questions. You likely read about the symptoms and they share some similarities with symptoms of other conditions. I have no idea if there is a test. 

If you are dizzy, fuzzy headed, forgetful, tired, headaches, etc...then you might have some degree of these issues but not necessarily. They are not caused by nor resulting in medical outcomes that are likely to be discussed by the medical profession except in extreme cases. You may wish to discuss this with a Naturopathic Doctor as if anyone has a test for it, it would be them. They use more comprehensive blood testing than some MD's do.

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