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A little background.

I'm 32 and have always battled skin issues and irregular painful periods. I was treated with minocycline for 8 months for acne when I developed melasma on my forehead and upper lip. I than went on a long journey to fix the brown spots that developed. After many doctors and blood work two things were confirmed. I had high counts of Candida in my bloodstream and low progesterone. My doctor placed me on Nystatin for 3 months, along with rotations of natural anti-fungals with a strict Candida diet. I also started bio-identicals 2 months into the diet.

During my recovery I was tried, dizzy, had hives for 2 weeks, etc. My diet is pretty much equal to the one found on this program. My acne/folliculits is slowly but surely clearing and my brown spots are lighter. It's now been just over 4 months and I'm still occasionally having virginal discharge in a mucus state when I use the bathroom. About a month ago I discovered your program and placed an order. On your questionnaire I now score a 33, my skin issues are still present. I took blood work 2 weeks ago and will have my results given to me on August 11th. My doctor stated not to expect the results to 100% accurate since it was a little early to test it, but it is a guide to confirm we going in the right direction. (I needed to test my hormones anyway, so she tested the Candida.)

Here are my questions:

I realized that in your program you believe that you should stay on an anti-fungal and not rotate so that you don't become resistant. I will not have any discharge if I stay on an anti-fungal for more than 10 days as soon as I switch I begin to detox again? Most people are unable to see the yeast leaving their body, but I am. Should I rotate my anti-fungals?

Being that I scored a 33 on your questionnaire and providing that I have a lower within normal range Candida blood count - Should I continue with the program? How much longer? Since my skin issues continue to improve - I know it's related.

Does anyone have melasma that has improved with your program? Or developed it because of yeast?
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Hi there,

Welcome to Whole Approach. I'm here Tuesdays and Fridays to answer questions about our program and other members respond when they are availble and online. It's a very active site.

Our welcome site gives all the introductory information including a post about Diagnosing Candida that might be interesting to you.

Our program recommends rotating anti-fungals each three months. You mentioned something about "not rotating" but perhaps that was just a typo.

Each three month switch or increase in dosage can trigger further die off which may be what you are observing. If you are at 33 then it appears you have improved? Did you start the products and diet a full month ago or how long have you been working on this?

I'm so glad to hear you're improving. Candida can worsen many different health issues and clearing it frees up your bodies toxic load allowing for healing of many kinds. Skin issues are common and often improve though I'm not sure about your condition specifically.

You could try doing a search on our forum in all the sections if you want to see if there have been previous discussions on it.



PS The anti-inflammatory product quercetin and bromelain by Dr Ron, can sometimes help skin conditions as well as allergic reactions of various sorts. Do have a look at it:

Thank you for your experience.

I’ve been on a Candida diet since March 31st. I found your program about 1 month ago and I am currently taking your Phase I products. Prior I was on 3 months of Nystatin along with garlic, caprylic acid, goldenseal, aloe, etc. and “rotating them” (and continuing the Nystatin) every 2 weeks. Whenever I was rotating the extra anti-fungal I would detox more yeast.

I guess after my blood results next week I will be able to figure out how much longer I need to remain as strict before I continue on a maintenance program.

I will read up on the links provided.


Hi Lexie,

Funny you should mention that--my best friend, who does suffer from candida but doesn't really do anything about it has melasma. She started taking GSE to clear a yeast infection and the melasma went away. She found going on the pill precipitated her issue and has since gone off it. I don't have any experience with it myself though, perhaps someone else will chime in?

Ashley Winky

I’ve read a few success stories with GSE and tried it myself many months ago. I took it for about 12-16 weeks (a few X’s daily) and nothing happened with my Melasma. That was before I had discovered I had Candida…so maybe that I now have that under control the GSE will help.

Could you ask her Confused how long it took her for the changes to become apparent? Did it go away in spots or just became lighter? How did she take it and for how long? I’m so sorry to bug you, but Melasma is so depressing.

I had my blood results given to me on Tuesday and my candida levels are now normal and I’m scoring a 30 on the questionnaire. The blood work was taken over 3 weeks ago – since then I continue to have yeast discharging DAILY (It’s crazy) so, I will be continuing my diet as I’m only helping getting rid of the yeast.


Hi Lex,

My friend actually saw a gradual improvement in her melasma as she simultaneously went off the pill and used GSE. After speaking to her just now, she has since gone back on the pill and had the melasma return...She too is frustrated by it. i don't know if for her it's connected to hormonal fluctuations or yeast or both. The pill is what brought it on and as long as she's on it it's doesn't go away apparently...let us know if you find anything in your own experience that may be helpful for someone else ok?

Take care,

Ashley Winky

You're a doll. In my research I found that if GSE worked it probably will help again. She could review some information on

To date I have not had any success to helping it verysad Please keep me posted with her process if any and I will certainly tell you of any success I have.

Besides treating candida I am on bio-identials and addressing hormonal issues as well.



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