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1) Buckwheat pancakes, and if so, how many can I eat?

This depends on the size. In the diet FAQ section you'll see a post about serving sizes. And, some people are fabulous with buckwheat, especially the raw/untoasted kind while some people are allergic or intolerant of it and feel fatigue or other reactions. This, like all the alliterative foods, needs to be explored on an individual basis. I don't want people to be afraid to eat, only to be sensitive to the level of revitalization they receive from eating different foods. Watch for the good responses and aim for them rather than fearing bad reactions and looking for them. Expect the best and enjoy positive anticipation when you eat.



2) Alcohol-free Vanilla, to be used in an Almond Milk drink, and/or Avocado Vanilla Mint Icecream (without sugar or a sugar substitute)


No worries on that if you use the ones on this site that are GMO free and corn free sweeteners. 


3) Tomato Sauce (without sugar)


This should be fine though some folks do better with the minimum of nightshade veggies as they can amplify inflammation for them. You can look this issue up on the web but know that it does not by any means affect everyone who eats those foods. Again, anticipate the best response and look for the foods that help you feel great!


4) Quinoa Pasta


Again, fine for some but because they do not always wash the quinoa before cooking into pasta, many do better on rinsed and or sprouted cooked quinoa. It cooks in just a few minutes after sprouting. See the Diet FAQ's for instructions.


5) Organic Corn chips


If they are deep fried which this is undesirable as super heated vegetable oil is mildly toxic. Corn, even organic, can be allergenic. If you find the baked organic ones, only eat them occasionally and feel good with them, they just count as a limit in place of one of the starches. You might even try making some yourself.This could be fun and could be much better quality. I don't eat much corn myself and have not tried this.


6) Sweet Potato chips


As a limit, if you could find them baked this could be fun. However, these are usually deep fried and super heated vegetable oil is mildly toxic. They often use canola oil too which is GMO. However, if you made some yourself and then dehydrated them till crisp this could be lovely. A recipe for raw sweet potato chips with nice herbs and oil is another fun option to explore. 



7) Carob Powder (to put in a shake)


Yes, if you feel great when you eat it (The raw brands tend to be the best quality and they have a fair bit of variation within their quality again still.) Two tablespoons is a serving.

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