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It seems several of you have also experienced some mold-related illness. After another confirmatory experience on Friday,  I am making an appointment with a functional medicine doctor who specializes in Lyme and mold-related illness. She follows Dr. Shoemaker's protocol. It is a very specific and seemingly scientifically, proof based protocol. Are any of you familiar with it?


I apologize if I'm not supposed to talk about other protocols on this forum.




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Hi FloydAngel, Happy Monday.  No, I have never heard of it until just now.  I just did a quick search and this is facsinating.  My earliest symptoms began though 10 years before my exposure to the mold in my townhouse, cause by the oral birth control pills my dad forced me to take.  But I believe 100% in becoming ill from mold exposure in buildings, especially if you are allergic to that particular mold.  And YOU might be allergic but others in the household are immune.  At least that is what I have heard.  I am going to look more into this biotoxin exposure. Thank you for sharing this.  I hope it goes well at this new doctor.


Hi,   I have significant allergy symptoms from mold and I was tested twice for mold related illness and both times I tested negative.   The tests I had done came right from Richie Shoemaker's approach to diagnosing mold related illness.  


Just wanted you all to know that you can have very significant symptoms and NOT have mold illness.   Mold allergy and CRC symptoms can mimic serious illness.   Mold illness is a serious problem and if you do have it you definitely need to see a doctor like Richie Shoemaker as the pr0tocol to resolve mold illness is tricky.   The drugs they give you (like Actos for example) lower blood sugar and care must be taken in if you take a drug like that and you don't have a blood sugar problem to begin with.    This is complex stuff and you definitely need to work with a practitioner who is trained in this protocol. 



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