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I'm on the Lahoz Phase 1. Can the bentonite deplete needed minerals such as magnesium, even when taken 2 hours away from meals? My foot cramped about 5 times in a row today, and I'm wondering if I need to do something to replenish minerals. If so, what can I do to rebuild my mineral stores?

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Hi Anitak,

Approximately 80% of us are magnesium deficiency (due partly to soil deficiencies) and candida overgrowth can worsen deficiencies. Detoxification and candida cleansing puts a temporary strain on the body through increasing levels of wastes in the bloodstream so can highlight imbalances.

Depending on where you live there are different types and brands of magnesium available. I quite like AOR brand Magnesium Complex. Otherwise, magnesium bioglycinate is a nice single type. 

Taking spirulina and alfalfa and sea sourced trace minerals can also be healthy as trace minerals are also very low in today's soils.

PLease let me know if you have any more questions.

Take good care,


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