*"Milk" Chocolate

"Milk" Chocolate
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp coconut oil
2 Tbsp almond butter
1/16 - 1/8 stevia/chicolin mix
4 tsp wondercocoa* (or organic cocoa powder if tolerated)
2 1/4 vegetable glycerine*

Melt coconut oil & almond butter over a simmer. Mix in remaining ingredients, adding the vegetable glycerine last. Coninuously stir until it slightly thickens, then remove from heat. Pour the chocolate into a container (the size of the container all depends on how thick you want your chocolate to be). Put in freezer until hardened. Store in fridge or freezer.

Orange Chocolate Bars
Use milk chocolate recipe
1/2 tsp orange flavoring
Press slivered or chopped almonds into the top before cooling (optional)


(TLC adds, this recipe might work out with raw carob in place of the Wondercocoa and it would definitely work out with organic cocoa powder Smile )
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Ha - good name for it! I'm glad you liked it.

If you need to mix things up for rotation puposes, any nut butter can be substituted for the almond butter. And due to my new food allergies, I have even been making this without nut butters. I use more coconut oil, with a tiny bit of butter, then I sprinkle coconut on the top before putting it in the freezer. It's good, but you can't eat a lot at once because it's way too rich (almost pure oils!).

Hello folks,

I just wanted to share that for those really special occasions and rare. This milk chocolate tastes killer on frozen vanilla rice dream. It is just like magic shell, actually better than I remember magic shell because it tastes like chocolate and not chemicals.

Instead of putting it in the freezer pour some over your frozen rice dream.

I know this is not a really healthy snack but I will never miss ice cream again since I know there is an alternative.

Sounds like something I will definitely have to try this summer when everyone else goes to the ice cream shop. I have one question about rice dream ice cream though. All of them I have found have added sugar. Do they make a sugar free? I remember Tia mentioning rice dream ice cream also.

The Rice Dream brand doesn't add any sugar. In fact, they don't have any sweeteners listed in the ingredients...but Tarilee said that they DO have brown rice syrup in them. Since they list milled brown rice, I guess they can get away with not listing the syrup (which is just brown rice cooked down to a sweet lurry). So it's technically an Avoid food due to the syrup, but it's one of the best "cheats" you'll find. It does have about 17 g of sugar in 1 cup though. When I ate it over the holidays, Tarilee said it's not too bad if you eat on a rare occasion and can limit yourself to a small serving. The vanilla and the carob almond kinds are fabulous! And I recently saw a mint chip kind at the store...I'm drooling ove the thought of it!

I wish so much I had all of your knowledge. I really don't know how you manage to know all this stuff! I think maybe you should write that cookbook soon. I think you will make enough off of it to buy a juicer and to support this diet/supplementation for along time. Big Grin Wish I had what it takes to do it myself.

Oh and by the way I love you for being the bearer of such good news wub I would simply love to just have an ice cream that I don't have to mix up myself. I am hoping to make another visit to Whole Foods soon and I will definitely get some. Then I will just have to really limit it, thats the hard part.


Thanks for your vote of confidence on my cookbook. I think it might be years in the making...but I'm hoping to create TONS of new recipes this summer. I have so many that I haven't even gotten a chance to post on the forum yet....Aaggh, if only my schedule would lighten up. I'll get back to it once I get more time. Mom my (who is an awesome cook) is coming to visit, so hopefully we can combine our skills again and come up with some new recipes...

I found the post where Tarilee answered my questions about the Rice Dream ice cream, so here it is, in the wise woman's own words:

"Rice dream ice cream is very sweet so it's a serious limit serving. I'd venture to say that it's close to an "avoid" but since it's the holidays and everything, if you feel you can limit yourself to a quarter to one third of a cup of the stuff and if you don't feel that it causes you to crave other sweets, you may be ok. Basically, the sweetener that is not listed but is contained in the Rice Dream ice cream, is rice syrup. Since it's fully made out of rice, they don't have to add that sugary-sounding ingredient to the ingredient panel. Enjoy it but only if you can do so without becoming "unhinged"."

Sooo, an every now and then splurge, in small doses, sounds good to me. I do have a problem limiting my serving size, so I won't let myself buy it except for major celebratory events. Yum!


PS - Gina: It's been soo long since I've made this version of my recipe (I can't have almond butter anymore) that I forget. I will dig up my handwritten copy of the recipe and find out for you though.
i was also wondering about the amount of vegetable glycerine used in the recipe.
I have only just found this site and i'm dying to try anything that remotely looks like chocolate.....lol
also do you get the wondercocoa from a health food shop?

loos a great recipe, thanks for posting it.

anniee Winky
I belive that the amount of vegetable glycerine is 2 1/4 t. hopefully Tia will see your post and confirm it for sure.

I think Tia gets her Wondercocoa at a Whole Foods Market. The two different ones I have visited did not stock it. If you do a search online you can find if for a really good price.

Welcome to the forum -I would not be where I am today if I didn't have all this support.

I just noticed that no one had answered your question. It would probably depend on whether you want this recipe to harden like choc candy or if you are using it for ice cream or brownie sauce. I have used clairified butter in place of half or all of the coconut oil, that helps with the richness. It will also harden with the butter just not as quickly as the oil. If you were using it for a sauce you could probably add a little milk and be okay. I actually even make it without the almond butter sometimes and it is just a really rich dark chocolate.
Hope that helps.
Blondie - yes, this is allowed in phase 1. As far as I know, all the ingredients are OK foods, except I'm not sure about the caffeine-free cocoa. I count it as an OK food, since it doesn't bother me at all, it isn't carby, and it has no sugar. Others might see it as a Limit...I'm not sure. Either way, it should be fine in phase 1.

Oh wow! happybounce

I just made this, and added some peppermint oil, and it tastes like peppermint chocolate (and I am a huge peppermint chocolate lover!).

I made this a couple of months ago, before I knew where to buy veggie glycerine, and was disappointed with it. I decided to try it again tonight, using my newly acquired veggie glycerine, and OH MY GOSH, what a difference it makes!

This chocolate is very rich...two pieces was enough for me (I don't know if I have ever said that about chocolate before in my life).

Thanks Tia!
Tia - thank you so much for this recipe.

I made the Milk Chocolate over Christmas (I used the crunchy Almond Butter) - and it was wonderful. I have been missing chocolate and this really hit the spot!!

Next time I'll try the Orange Chocolate Bars.


I'm glad you like them. This is still my favorite recipe. I think if you use carob powder it would be an Ok food...I'm not really sure why it was put in the stage 2 and 3 recipes...

Another variation I like of this, is to add a few drops of peppermint oil. Then I pour it over a thin layer of raw sunflower seeds and crumbled brown rice cakes. Freeze. You end up with a crunchy mint candy bar/cookie, that is similar to mint girl scout cookies, only better. It has become my favorite, and has saved me tons of times during long nights of studying, or as a quick snack to bring to a gathering at a friend's house.


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