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In addition to these lengthy comments, at the bottom of this post please find two imortant links to threads that I recommend you check out before reading the information in this thread.

Caution Regarding Mercury Detoxification

In most cases it is crucial to detoxify, strengthen and greatly reduce candida populations in order to prepare to do any heavy metal cleansing. I disagree with those who consistently recommend metal cleansing first as I believe it can be very dangerous to approach this at the wrong time in our recovery.

Many people become impatient during the long process of candida cleansing and begin to look for other healing strategies before giving the body adequate time to heal using the whole-body-recovery process like the approach we steer you towards on this forum. The fear around the presence of metals in our bodies can paint the process of metal cleanses as a “magic bullet” to promote healing and can sometimes feed uninformed and rushed decisions. This is definitely NOT the right approach for everyone.

Indeed, often, when your illness is complex or prolonged you will need more support than we can offer you here and you may also need additional therapies. As you will read in these listed threads, I strongly encourage folks to seek complementary healing supports during yeast recovery. However, this is not to say that yeast treatment should be replaced with metal cleansing. Although some folks will point you in this direction regardless of your place on your healing journey, I believe that it is very important to go to great lengths to address preliminary issues like yeast (which is no small feat in some cases) before one can determine how well the body can function once relieved of the yeast toxicity issue. In my opinion, it is also crucial to have immune and intestinal imbalances and congestion of eliminative organs resolved before mobilizing extremely dangerous metal residue into the blood stream.

Successful yeast treatment, immune recovery, detoxification and intestinal rebalancing demand a lot of committment and consistency as well as patience and sometimes a lot more time than we would like. It is a mistake to abandon this important process prematurely in favour of a heavy metal cleanse. This should ONLY be undertaken AFTER the body has been strengthened and cleansed and only when approriate self care and culinary skills have been developed to help one through such a significant process. It is also essential to have the supervision of a highly qualified practioner or team of practioners.

In some cases, after a lengthy comprehensive and highly vigilant healing program, folks find that they need to address the additional imbalances or toxicity issues (including metal toxicity) in order to move beyond a healing plateau. Since we move through many consecutive plateaus on any successful healing program, it is not easy to determine at which stage it is appropriate to consider attempting to remove metals. Those who attempt it too early risk mercury-brain-toxicity and great physical and psychological discomfort including the potential of permanent negative effects.

Although you will read alternate viewpoints in the thread below, there is convincing literature that is persuasive in the opinion that healing must be well progressed before metal cleansing. Yeast is a prevalent health issue and many people are looking for short cuts to treat it. They are also looking for one particular cause to blame for yeast overgrowth because it is not comfortable to accept that our modern lifestyle choices that are far removed from Nature, have anything to do with the problem. Although I am biased in my cautionary approach of healing first, you will find strong biases in the practioners who encourage early stage metal cleanses. There is actually a lot more clinical support and many more expensive clinical treatments claiming to eliminate mercury than there are clinical treatments for yeast. Many MD’s are convinced of the metal toxicity issue and this is wonderful but unfortunately, most of them are not attuned to the subtleties of the environmentally ill, allergic person who has weakened immunity. It is these folks who will suffer the most if they address yeast too aggressively.

Please read the information found at these links very, very carefully before deciding how to proceed with your plans for a full and lasting recovery. The view that yeast is simply a protection against metals is not one that I agree with. I see it as a side effect of toxicity of many kinds and also the cause of toxicity in terms of mycotoxins released by the candida. Imbalances such as cholesterol increases, excess mucous production and yeast overgrowth can be caused by and perpetuated by different toxicity issues including metal. However I do not believe that attacking the metal issue initially is a way to eliminate the yeast. It is most likely that, at some point in our healing program, we will find it important to address any metal toxicity so that we may faciliate complete healing. Anything, including metal, that causes an ongoing strain on our immune and other body systems, will hinder full recovery and so acknowledging and planning to address these strains on our health are an important step but please do not allow impatience or fear to trigger a premature decision to address metal cleansing. And please, please, take GREAT care in finding those practioners who can most responsibly and gently assist you with this.

Tarilee's advice on mercury detoxification and amalgam removal

Biological Dentistry Resources
Original Post
Sometimes killing too much yeast can be a problem if you have metal toxicity. Yeast is produced by our bodies to protect us from the effects of heavy metals and if we kill off too much we can start to feel worse again.

from Hal Huggin's book....

“Elevated Candida’s primary purpose in life is to save your life.” – it converts your organic mercury back into inorganic mercury. This is why so many people go on the ‘Candida diet’ to reduce the number of Candida, and become sicker than they were originally. They are now accumulating more MeHg.”

If you want to email me I can send you some info on it. Many of us have found that after months or years on a yeast killing program with no results that metal toxicity is the underlying reason.

My email is

Best luck and I hope you are feeling better soon.

Sandi hearthrob
I just wanted to share with you all some of the changes that I have experienced throughout the last few months since my amalgam removal. Many of these improvements have been so subtle that I haven’t noticed a huge change like I did from the candida diet, but my son really noticed a difference when I saw him yesterday….and many of my friends have also commented lately.

My recent improvements are calcium levels are up, energy is up, skin color is back, eyes are clearer, starting to lose weight because my energy is higher, brain fog is gone, anxiety, depression, rage is gone, insomnia is almost gone, food sensitivities reduced, mood swings are less of a problem, night sweats are almost non existent., no more cravings, appetite is controlled, and I have introduced a lot of new foods and no longer have to be near as strict as before.

And my eyes are no longer hazel, all the yellow brown specks are gone…..they are now pure green cause the deep rooted yeast is gone. And the really great new is….. one year ago, my lower body showed severe signs of osteoporosis. That has now been reversed to normal levels according to a bone density test done again this year on Mother’s day….what a great gift that was.

When I first got sick, I was told that I would have to stay on this diet indefinitely, and now I realize that it may be so, only not so strict as the beginning. We can never get all the metals out, but just by doing the diet and removing the source of metals, it can make such a huge difference in our health. And I don’t want to go back to eating foods laden with pesticides or breads that bloats me, or fermented foods that are not fit for human consumption….and that includes genetically modified or altered foods or over processed foods that our grocery shelves are laden with. I really feel fortunate to have discovered the benefits of natural living and whole foods…. the way Mother Nature intended us to live.

All the best,
Sandi hearthrob
Hey Sandi!

That id fabulous news, and of course it is always good for us to hear from people who have mostly recovered! Especially for those of us who have known you (for a least some of the time) when things were not so great - it is a real inspiration to 'hear' how far you hae come on your journey to good health! bouncemulti

I didn't know about the osteoperosis! That's amazing results!! Just goes to show how good the human body is at taking care of itself, if only we had the good sense to let it! Yes I certainly join you on the diet for life thing too; when I first had a thought that I would have to do this diet 'forever', I was in despair, but now, I think I would stick to it for the most part anyway, because I just can't stand the thought of filling myself with all that pre-prepared junk food. It's absolutely poisonous for the most part, and while I would have the odd treat of something that is not so healthful, I will be steering well clear of things that are downright detrimental to health and well-being!

Keep letting us kno whow you are doing Sandi - take care and much love hearthrob

Thanks Sam, you are a dolly, lots of hard work and research, but I am finally on my way. I wish you the same success very soon.

I finally discovered the underlying reason for my candida last June and have undergone amalgam removal and have made tremendous advances in my health ever since. And my doctor and my dentist and many experts in this field have come to the conclusion that heavy metal toxicity causes candida. And this is the reason that so many of us candida sufferers are deficient in the good minerals.

If you factor in the digestive problems from yeast overgrowth which also stops assimilation of nutrients, it is no wonder that we are so malnourished.

Just doing the candida diet will help most of us get rid of much of the heavy metals because the foods on this diet will naturally help remove them...they are natural chelators. Those foods are cilantro, the cruciferous veggies, like cabbage, broccoli, kale, etc, eggs, garlic, slow cooked beans, raw onions, any foods that have sulphur compounds in them. That is because heavy metals link with sulphur and are thus expelled from our body. And I believe that when many of us test senstive or "allergic" to these foods, it is nothing but a case of our bodies reaction to too much metal exposure from eating too many of these foods at once. Removing too much metal at a time can cause great discomfort and I believe that is sometimes mistaken as severe die off.

Now some of us have more metals than others, especially those with silver fillings or other metal appliances in our bodies. But we can also get metal exposure from vaccines, antibiotics, many pharmaceutical drugs use metals as stablilizers, or from cosmetics, lotions, fluorescent lighting, shampoos, deodorants and toothpaste, metal cookware, t-fal pans, aluminum foil, electronics, costume jewellery, and in the food we eat and from the air we breathe. Even contact lens solutions used to use mercury as a disinfectant.

Now I am not suggesting that you all run out and do a metal detox or chelation, that can be very dangerous for those of us with a heavy metal burden, but I want to share how to lessen the effects of heavy metals for us and our families just by everyday living.

Hope this helps to understand the candida/heavy metal connection, it is not just mercury, it is all metals that can be a potential health risk to all of us living in an industrialized world. We need to get back to the basics and clean up the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

I know this is alot to absorb, but I think it may make many of you aware to how much metal we consume on a daily basis, and to make adjustments that will allow our bodies to heal much more quickly. As we reduce heavy metal exposure our bodies will get healthier naturally, eventually reach homeostasis, (balance) and be able to heal themselves.

best love and blessings to all,

Sandi hearthrob
I just wanted to point out that I have added to my introductory post on this thread (see first post on page one of this thread.) I have also included a couple of useful links to posts by myself and Linda about this subject. These post will lead you to my full views and advice around amalgam removal and mercury detoxification as well as to a list of helpful resources on the subject.

Please do check out this information. Thanks!


Hi wave1

Is there any update on information for a recommended chelation protocol? I have tested positive for mercury toxicity on a hair analysis test, and the ND I am seeing wants me to use "Footsies" with coriander tincture nightly for at least 3 months, along with spirulina supplements and twice weekly bentonite clay baths.

I'm a bit hesitant firstly because the footsies are sooooo expensive, and secondly because any other information I've read about chelation doesn't mention these things, but rather talks bout ALA, DMSA, etc...

I would really appreciate some advice from the trusted people here at this forum. I understand this is a difficult, complicated area which really adds to my hesitancy. But if this is the factor that is preventing my total recovery from candidiasis (and i have a hunch it might just be) then I need to sort it out. Any thoughts on Andy Cutler's protocol?

Thanks so much in advance, even if it's just to say you're not ready yet Smile

hearthrob Ariel xx

That's great that you have an ND guiding you through this - that's vital. Do you still have amalgams (silver colored mercury fillings) in your teeth? Because many people advise against any sort of in-depth chelation until those are removed. I don't know if it is true or not, but they believe that chelating while you still have fillings can actually pull more mercury from the fillings into your body. My doctor does not agree with that theory, but I see it in almost all literature on mercury chelation. Just something to think about, I'm no expert on it.

Where are you at in your candida detox treatment? Have you been doing the diet? I ask because many people advise at least minimizing your candida first, strengthening your body as much as possible, and doing a general detox before diving into a heavy metal detox. Because it can be very overwhelming on your body, so the stronger you are, the better your body can handle it. That said, it tends to be impossible to fully eradicate your body of yeast if you do indeed have it's kind of a balance of doing the healthy diet and gently doing a candida detox, and then working on the rest. I say gently because many people with mercury issues can feel worse if they get aggressive with their candida detox....but you typically don't want to do chelation if your candida issues are very severe. I personally feel like focusing on the gut for killing candida (with the caproyl purge and the diet) is a good, gentle way to start. I had problems once I moved into the antifungals that killed yeast in the bloodstream (that's just my experience though). It's up to you to decide when you're ready to do the chelation though. I did the diet and antifungals for a long time, stagnated for a while, and eventually decided that I had likely made about as much progress as I could on the candida front without treating the mercury (although I continue to do a candida cleanse and diet). It'll probably be different for every person.

Whole Approach is a great place to get support for candida and diet issues and I recommend continuing to check it out - it's been a vital support for me. And if you want mercury support in addition to this, google "herb allure mercury forum" and check out that website (you'll find the main page and will have to click on "forums" on the top banner). You will not find any doctors on there, just others like us who are going through mercury detox. There are varying opinions on there, and keep in mind that many people on there are just "going it alone" so to speak, and are trying to heal without the help of doctors (often because they don't have alternative doctors in their areas). So there aren't any expert opinions, but it's a good place to ask questions and get support specific to mercury.

Also, feel free to email me directly if you want more info.

Take care,
Hi Ariel, Tia has given you some great advice, it is usually recommended to get the candida under control before attempting any serious chelation, except in some circumstances where they do some mild chelation first. Do you have any metal fillings, or is your mercury from other sources?

Thanks for the quick replies Smile

My mercury isn't from fillings, so I don't have to worry about removal. It's from other sources - probably the extensive vaccinations I had 3 years ago when travelling to India and Sout-East Asia. Maybe also the vaccinations I had when I was little, and then Confused I used to eat heaps of tuna! Razz

I do think I am ready for this. I have been treating candida for almost 6 months now - with diet and with alternating kolorex capsules and GSE. (I can't get liquid caprylic acid in Australia would you believe!!! Ihave tried everywhere and shipping is way too high to order from WA). I have also been treating my leaky gut with l-glutamine and intestamine by bioceuticals.

I have improved heaps but have just reached a point where I've stopped getting better. Actually, other symptoms are taking priority, like the fact that I haven't had my period for 9 months Frown I think this is either due to T3-T4 conversion hormone imablance OR due to zinc & potassium deficiency (which showed up as very severe on hair analysis) which would be caused by the mercury.

So. My point is I think I am ready. Does it sound like I am? I would of course keep on with the candida and leaky gut treatments.

Tia I would love to hear your chelation experience...

Thanks guys, you're both gems hearthrob

Ariel xx

That was sweet! Sorry to reply so late - I must not have noticed your reply.

I actually have done very little chelating so far. Over the summer, I chewed EDTA gum for a month or so, and that may have helped some - but hard to say....I may have just been more strict with my Limit food intake, and felt better from that...not sure.

I started taking chlorella (building my way up to 8 caps as Dr. Mercola recommends) 2 weeks prior to getting my amalgams removed. Then I continued taking it for a couple months after the removal. At that point, my doctor and I decided that we needed to strengthen my body and go back the the basics before doing any intensive chelation. So I am just working on my adrenals, thyroid, and hormones until I start to get some energy back, and am not as chronically fatigued. Once I feel stronger, then we will decide on how to proceed with chelation. My options are EDTA IV pushes, oral DMSA, or chlorella. I was first leaning toward chlorella, as it is natural, but I don't know where I stand now. I will likely go with whatever my doctor feels is best, because he has a lot of experience with this, and yet he is also very open to my input. So we'll probably weigh the pros and cons of each. I've also heard that EDTA suppositories are at least as effective, if not more so, and they cost a fraction of the price. That is something I would have to discuss with my doctor.

Throughout it all, I plan to stick to the diet and a yeast cleanse, unless my body needs a short break from detoxing. If your body is overwhelmed, die-off can make it worse by clogging up your system. So I plan on going slow and monitoring it.

I hope everything goes well for both your candida and mercury cleanse! Keep me posted, and feel free to email me anytime.

Hi Ariel,

Along with your anti-fungal usage, are you using the support of psyllium seed/husk blend and liquid bentonite? In order to make your cleanse a healthy one and to help prepare your body for future, more challenging cleansing (like excretion of mercury for example), you need to cleanse the colon.

Attogram Liquid Bentonite
Attogram Psyllium Seed & Husk Powder Blend

The Synergy of the Purge Drink

If you are going to consider the mercury cleanse, it's also very important to ensure that the kidneys and liver are functioning optimally. For this, I would consider some of the teas and herbs that Whole Approach sells and also, consulting with a naturopathic doctor who uses electro dermal screening for diagnosis and investigation.
Milk Thistle Combo Tincture
Daily Detox Tea Original

Daily Detox Tea II

Choosing a Practitioner

Take care and try not to let impatience get the better of your good judgement and connection with your body. Let your body guide you to this, when and if you are sure you need it and are ready for it. Also, if you can acquire the support of an excellent and specialized naturopath who believes in a gentle, patient approach to cleansing, the investment may be well worth your lasting health and your confidence in your process.

Take good care,

Here is a list of the prerequisites for chelating...

1.BOWELS AND KIDNEYS:These are the main avenues of excretion for mercury. So the bowels and kidneys must be able to eliminate regularly and correctly.
2.LIVER FUNCTION: The liver is the main filtering system in the body. As mercury leaves the tissues and circulates through the blood and lymph system it will find its way to the liver to be sent out of the body.
3.ADRENAL AND THYROID FUNCTION: These glands are responsible for pumping mercury out of our tissues and sending it to the liver. Once in the liver they signal the liver to dump it out of the body.

I use 100 mg of DMSA every 3 days and no sulfur or mineral supplements or vitamin B12 on the days I take the chelators. Slowly but surely is the key...and definitely do it under the watchful eye of a trained and experienced professional.

Best luck Ariel and keep us posted.

Sandi hearthrob
Thank you Tarilee, Sandi and Tia for your helpful replies!

Tarilee, I have not been doing the purge drink, simply because I can't get any caproyl. So is it beneficial to do just the bentonite and psyllium shake? Should I take my kolorex capsules at the same time as this drink? And would the fact that I have leaky gut be any problem for the psyllium/bentonite drink?

Sandi, so is DMSA alone enough as a chelator? Are you getting results? I was going to do ALA + DMSA, but if I only need one that would be better!

Thanks guys xxx

I think the bentonite and psyllium would be good for anyone - it helps clear out the gook in your digestive track, which tends to build up for years and create a hospitable environment for the yeast and other bad bacteria. The purge acts as a colon clease to get that build-up out, so it's super helpful and a good place to start. Tarilee will have to recommend whether or not to take the antifungal with the purge or without. You can order the caproyl from WA, but I bet shipping would be pretty rough to Australia...

Did your doctor recommend the DMSA and ALA, or are you researching and chelating on your own? I would go with your doctor's recommendations if you have one, and if not, try to seek one out to help guide you through this. I have no expertise on mercury at all, but I know that a lot of people use ALA later on in their chelation, and don't typically use it early on. I would also hesitate to get aggressive with chelation unless you think you at least have your candida levels under control - it totally depends on the severity of your yeast to begin with, but a lot of people have to treat longer than 6 months to get it under wraps. It sounds like you've already thought about that, and I do know what you mean about stagnating, because I had that happen to me, and I had to move to additional treatments to compliment my candida treatment too (mercury, thyroid, adrenal, hormones). I just want to recommend making sure you're ready for the chelation, and truly have stagnated (give it some time) before diving into this. And not to sound patronizing, because I had the same thing happen. I actually probably gave it tooo long after stagnating before trying additional treatments, but it's just something to think about.

If you are interested in reading more information about DMSA, a lot of people follow Andrew Cutler's protocol that he outlines in his book "Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment". There is also a yahoo groups that is dedicated to people following Cutler's protocol...I think it is called Adult Metal Chelation. Hal Huggins is another author to read up on. I think Klinghardt is another well-known mercury expert. And there is the herballure forum as a non-expert resource for sharing info and support.

Sandi - thanks for that list of prerequisites for chelation. I don't know when I will start chelation, but I plan on finally using that bottle of Milk Thistle Combo to help clear out my liver before chelation. And I'm currently treating the adrenals and thyroid...without much luck (symptoms haven't improved)....but that one seems to be a catch 22. You can strengthen them to a certain degree, but can't heal them until the mercury is out. And I think I have my yeast under as much control as it can be without getting rid of the metals, but I think I will do a month or two of the purge with the caproyl again before the chelation - I did the best with that phase of the treatment.

Alright, have a lovely night ladies.

Thanks Tia!

Well it sounds like the bentonite/psyllium combination is a good idea then... And yes I have looked into ordering caproyl from WA, but the shipping was something completely absurd, as a student I just can't do it No But nevermind, I will find other ways to tackle this! Big Grin

It wasn't my doctor who recommended the DMSA and ALA - that came through my own research. The guy I was seeing had me taking spirulina, doing clay baths, and wearing these things on my feet to bed called "footsies" with coriander tincture on them that drew all this muck out overnight Confused I wasn't too sure about all of that... (plus the footsies were quite expensive too and he said I'd have to do it for a few months).

Yeah, so that's why I'm worried about getting started, because I know it isn't a good idea to do it on your own but I can't afford to have the regular supervision of someone. Aargh!! I might look into some of those authors you listed after my exams and see if I can go it alone.

So thanks again Tia, take care

Ariel hearthrob

I understand about not having time because of the exams too! I'm working on my master's degree at the moment, and I don't even have enough time to get my schoolwork done, let alone do a bunch of research on my health. I do a little bit here and there, when I have too much brain fog to really concentrate on schoolwork, or when I need a break from it....or unfortunately, when I'm procrastinating.....yikes! Smile I've had the Andy Cutler book sitting around my house for months, but I haven't touched it. I also have a book called Mercury Detoxification by Tom McGuire that is supposed to be great - he's a holistic dentist (email me if you want a copy of this particular one).

My doctor also had me try the foot patches....I only tried one box of them, which lasted about a week or so. They did have brown gook on them afterwards, but I figured that could have easily just been sweat (they make you sweat) mixed with the brownish herbs inside the's really hard to tell if it did anything. I've heard some people have had great luck with them though. But because I didn't feel any more clear or better, my doctor advised not to waste my money on any more.

If you have health insurance, there are some actual MDs that work with mercury toxic patients and are holistic, and insurance will cover the visits....these doctors are just few and far between though. Good luck with this, and feel free to email me anytime. There are also plenty of people doing this on their own on herballure if you need support of that nature. Since you plan on going it alone, just be careful and go slow with whatever you choose to do, and I wish you the best of luck with it!

Hello Ariel,

You can definitely use the bentonite and psyllium without Caproyl. If you look at our protocol here you'll see that we continue to use the 'shake' throughout the program along side each of the anti-fungals. In phase one and two I recommend mixing the anti-fungal with the drink because it is so important to focus on the intestinal cleansing in the beginning. I know that folks have mixed organum or olive leaf with the purge but I'm not sure about Kolorex. You might have to experiment a bit, using Kolorex with and away from the fibre and bentonite to see which seems to feel best.

Please read the most, "Everything you ever wanted to know about Psyllium." It will help you to shop in your area for a healthy, clean psyllium product.

Good luck and take good care,

Thanks for posting that Linda! Tons of vaccinations contain mercury, in the form of a preservative called Thimerosal. And that's one of the leadings theories (in the alternative medicine world....regular doctors and pharmaceutical companies all deny it of course) that the mercury in vaccinations leads to autism. Some doctors say it's not that alone, but that in combination with the nasty effects of the MMR vaccination. I know this is a sidebar venting, but as I am mercury toxic, and I work with children with autism, this issue is of great concern to me! Thanks again for posting it.

Hey guys,

I have a question about a natural chelation product that my doctor recently found and thinks is fabulous. He has recommended that in a month or two, I begin taking NDF Plus to get started with chelation. Knowing that I like to research products before trying them, he told me about this one in advance so I can research it. I guess I was just hoping to get some feedback on this product, or the individual ingredients from others. Tarilee, you have mentioned chlorella and cilantro before - have you ever chelated with either of those? (you can also email me if you prefer). I know no one can advise me on what to do, but I would love to hear about any personal experiences or research people are aware of. The more I know about it, the better prepared I will be to make a decision in conjunction with my doctor.

So the main ingredients are colloidal chlorella and cilantro, along with fulvic acid, and a liver/drainage support blend. He claims that this is the one of the best chelators on the market, and while expensive, it lasts a long time and is well worth it.

It sounds like a great product to me, but there is one thing that worries me: One of its main ingredients is cilantro, which is known to cross the blood brain barrier....and I've read that is something you don't want to do early on in your treatment.... a website with its product info says it "Crosses the blood-brain barrier within 5-113 minutes."

So 2 questions:
1) has anyone ever used this product before, or heard anything about it?
2) can anyone fill me in on the cilantro and blood-brain barrier debate?

some background: I had all of my amalgams removed over this past summer (july). I took chlorella for 2-3 weeks prior to removal, then for about 1-2 months post-removal. I also chewed EDTA gum, which is very mild, and did a couple of EDTA baths. So I never really got into chelation, I did more of a mild detox just around the time of my amalgam removal so I could handle the mercury released during the procedure. I also took sodium alginate for a brief time post removal. Because I felt no better, and had severe lack of energy problems, my doctor decided to put a hold on any chelation until we had worked on strengthening my other systems, such as my adrenal and thyroid. I'm supplementing for those, and don't feel much better. Anyway, just thought I would give my background of this treatment, so you know where I am at with detox/chelation. I'm nervous of doing any chelation that crosses the blood-brain barrier so early in my treatment. What do you guys think? Maybe it is safe....I just know I've read cautions before.....but I don't recall the source, so it may not have been reliable. I do trust my doctor, but firmly believe that I am in charge of my health and need to research things on my own before diving into anything.

If anyone has any experience with this product or info for me on my cilantro debate, please let me know!

Hi Tia, I haven't used the product you are referring to, but I did use cilantro drops before and after my amalgam removal appointments and felt no ill effects from each quadrant I had fact I felt much better after each one.

You know I have loved cilantro from the first time I tried it....strange how we crave what is good for us.

Best luck with your chelation and be sure to keep us posted.


I have been on the candida diet for about a month. My die off was severe for a week . Then not so bad. It's up and down. Now I am confused about the whole mercury/candida connection.

My symptoms are worsening again and I'm wondering if its because I am attempting a mercury detox at the same time. I am taking two products that are suppose to gently remove it without it causing ill effects. One is bioChelate drops which I have increased to full dosage over the weeks and then I heard Liquid Zeolite is save to use while fillings are still in place. I have only just started using that at the smallest dose. 5 drops.

I have fillings still in place and planning to have 4 large ones removed. One I'm just going to have extracted as it's at the back. I was planning to have these removed fairly soon but feel maybe I need to hang off for a few months.

Anyway. I panicked after reading one shouldnt try to detox the metals at the same time , but some sites say you need to remove the mercury that is released with "die off". Which makes sence to me. I have also treid the Benonite baths once a week and they do seem to give some relief. but again I'm not sure if I should be doing that too. Tho instinct tells me anything that can pull mercury out through the skin must be better than overloading the kidneys and liver.

I am seeing a Natropath 2 moro for the first time as I really need some guidance on this. She was of the opinion yo tackle the yeast first. To compound tings I am also detoxing from smoking Cannabis pretty much contantly for many years and the last very stressfull year I was smoking the stringer skunk every night.

I guess you could say I am having a healing crisis eh?

Anyone know if Zeolite is good to use whilst on the Candida diet and while fillings are still in place?
Hi aqua,

I can't really address the other issues you've raised (I don't know what stringer skunk is). But, I wanted to caution you on the mercury detox. I'm not a doctor so this isn't medical advice.

From the reading that I've done, there is a definite connection between mercury toxicity and candida. But I wanted to tell you that it is Not advisable to chelate mercury while you still have mercury amalgam fillings in your teeth.

Heavy metal chelation can cause alot of problems if it's not done properly.

I'd check with your physician on this.

I removed my amalgams about a year ago, after doing the candida diet for several years. I experienced huge improvement in my health - mostly higher energy level. I have also suffered from gastritis due to H. pylori. Now, after a period of stress, the gastritis is back but in a much more severe way, with acid reflux and related lung problems, and candida is up too. I started with caproyl and am experiencing aggravation. Any suggestions?
Hi Evita,

I just happened to glance at this forum section though I don't moderate it and I saw your question. There's a disclaimer at the main page of the mercury forum section explaining my general advice and views about mercury issues and explaining why I do not moderate this section.

There's also this post:

If you post questions in any of the Q and A sections, I'll see them on my short shifts on Mondays and Thursdays. The recipe sites are for posting recipes only and the FAQ's are read only.

Take care Evita!

I would appreciate any feedback on the following question, especially by people who have first hand experience.

I definately have candida (and likely have for many many years) and have been on the diet for a few months now. I am planning to remove my amalgams. I have found a holistic dentist who uses IAOMT protocol. HOWEVER, after reading both Hal Huggins Andrew Cutlers books I am very confused as to whether it is best to remove my amalagms all within 30 days (Huggins) or over a slower period of time (Cutler) if my general health is reasonable. Huggins is pretty definate that once mercury removal is started it is optimal to proceed and remove it all within a few weeks. Cutler seems to indicate that slower is better for a more preventative minded patient.

I do plan to wait to chelate and do any type of metal cleanse for some time after the amalgam removal and focus on the candida and build up my system. I am taking Tarilee's guidance to heart though and I don't want to rush...however I do want to proceed toward amalgam removal - just unsure which approach is best.

Again, I would greatly appreciate input from anyone who has done either route - all under 30 days or over a period of time regarding their experience. Thank you!
Hi Kasflo,

I removed my amalgams slowly. Each time was stressful for me and some of my symptoms were aggravated. No matter how many precautions you take, some mercury will get into the body. I suggest going slowly, and pacing yourself according to how you're feeling. When you feel ready, do another one. I used activated charcoal during amalgam removal, and waited until all the mercury was out, as well as all the old fillings and crown, to start taking chlorella and cilantro. A week after I finished removing all amalgams and old fillings, my energy started going up, and it has remained higher ever since.
Hi Tarilee,

Thanks for your response. I just wanted to let you know that it turns out that most of my symptoms were not only caused by mercury from amalgams but also by mold in my house. Recently I was diagnosed with mold disease in my lungs and body. I am being treated with fungicidal and bactericidal Chinese herbs and have experienced much improvement. The other thing I did was get out of my house. Beware of mold! It's a killer.

Hi Tarilee,


I finished the 15-month Whole Approach candida plan and my stool tests showed that my candida was normal afterwards. Unfortunately when I started Mercury detox using DMPS orally 25mg every 8 hours, 3-days on 4-days off, the candida appears to be coming back. 


What do you recommend while I am chelating for keeping the candida under control (minimized). I did start taking Bentonite, Psyllium power and Caprilic acid on the days I am not chelating. Should I rotate anti-fungal agents and if yes, how often?


Appreciate any advice you can offer.

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