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From Brenda:

Thai food suggestions:
Veggie stirfrys with fish/meat or tofu (if you don't like the source of the meat), limit the rice
Pad Thai (made with veggies & rice noodles, hold the peanuts)
Stir frys with 'Bean Thread / Glass noodles" (made from mung bean flour & water), lettuce wraps (usually meat & veggies, with lettuce to wrap it up in).

Japanese food suggestions:
chicken / salmon teriyaki (hold the teriyaki sauce but the meat is usually just grilled) with stirfry veggies
veggie sushi roll / cucumber roll / egg roll with wasabi only (or sneak in your own organic/wheat free soy sauce).

Mongolian grill style:
They let you pick your own meat &/ veggies, as well as sauces. Some have fresh garlic, ginger, sesame oil & chili oil, good to avoid the other sauces.

Other restaurant ideas:
Meal-size-salad: Most restaurants have them...often an option with chicken or goat cheese. You can just ask for a lemon wedge & a bit of olive oil & there's a dressing.

Grilled chicken/fish, hold the starchy side dish & ask for more veggies. (works great with Greek food, cause we can have the Greek salad)

Steak & side salad or veggies.

Some  snack items, that don't require any major preparation:
celery sticks
carrot sticks
snap peas / snow peas (whole pod!)

Can combine these with some organic hummus / nut butter or 1/2 an avocado

Almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias, sunflower seeds (soaked and sprouted and dried or roasted with seasoning)

organic corn chips / rice chips / rice cakes (once in a while) & usually with some hummus or avocado

hard boiled eggs

Try to steer towards meals and snacks with veggies included .
Bean dips (like hummus) are very satisfying.
Refried bean dip can be frozen in small containers to take to work-good as a dip or spread
The above snacks can also be breakfast.
Brenda posted- a spread recipe-  3 tbsp nut butter, 1 tbsp ground flax seeds, 1 tbsp glycerine or yacon syrup (can use less and add stevia), cinnamon, seasalt to taste. Mix it up with enough water to have it hold together. 

From Sara

Favorite snack is bubbies dill pickles sliced and dipped in salsa (there is a store that makes fresh salsa without vinegar or any other offending ingredients).

 dehydrated crackers with ground sunflower seeds and veggies-great to keep in the car or purse for "emergencies".

salted, seasoned pumpkin seeds that are soaked in sea salt water over night and then dehydrated or roasted. Great to have on hand.

no-bean hummus recipe (in the recipe section) with sliced veggies.

sometimes a cup of veggie soup is very satisfying.

hard boiled eggs are great on the go. I try to eat some extra fat (usually coconut oil) with it to sustain me and improve digestion.

cucumbers dipped in sunflower seed butter 
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