*limit-less almost applesauce

OK, I keep posting vegetables for sweet treats- heres a new one that I am HOOKED on (and my young children love it too which makes it an instant success!).
The magic ingredient? Spaghetti squash! who knew! elephant
All I did was bake a spaghetti squash (cut in half and add a bit of water to the pan- bake at 350 unti tender). Then I scooped out the seeds, put it in the food processor and pureed it. Add stevia and cinnamon to taste- thats it!
I liked it warm a lot...now I like it cold. It really does taste like applesauce to me- the beautiful golden color helps.
give it a try- if my young children like it, you will too!
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thats not on the limit list? hallelujah! bless you.
Yesterday i wanted something sweet SO badly. and i didnt want to eat more nuts so i just..didnt. Frown

when you bake it do you bake flesh side down? (if that makes sense)

mm im excited!! im gonna buy acorn and spaghetti squash this weekend.
This does sound great. I just had spagetti squash for lunch with turkey. I bake it like you do with a little water in the pan until tender then scoop out the inside and add it to a pan where I cooked onion, garlic, zuchinni and grape tomatoes. Yum !!

Your idea with the stevia and cinnamon sounds wonderful too. Spagetti squash is very filling too...I can't believe it is not a limit banana
Witsend- spaghetti squash is not a limit, but acorn is (I believe it is more starchy).
Yes, I bake flesh side down in a bit of water. I finally got smart and cut it in half (not lenghthwise, but 'widthwise'?) so that both pieces fit well in the pan.

Mary- I love spaghetti squash for dinner too. I usually make a salad with sauteed onion/garlic in olive oil then add the spaghetti squash, lots of fresh herbs (love it with parsley or cilantro or basil), sometimes I add chopped zucchini. steamed broccoli and/or a few cherry tomatoes for color. This salad is almost always in my refridgerator for a quick snack- I just pour a little flax oil on top and I am good to go!

Yay for spaghetti squash- the one winter squash we don't have to limit! bounceyellow

I made some of this over the weekend and it was pretty tasty! I think I prefer it cold over warm. I added a small amount of raspberry purée and it added an addition wonderful flavour.

I've been given the ok to have a little fruit in my diet. So for anyone who can tolerate it.. I added just a tiny amount of frozen, pureed raspberry.

Either way, I will make this again!

Thanks for the great idea
I am always amazed at the number of great recipes we have come up with using just OK foods. Spagetti squash is so good and we have found lots of neat ways to make it.

Honestly, I do miss fruit but I really like my treats and I could live the rest of my life this way without a big problem. It is possible to have great tasting food that is legal on a candida diet.

I just found unsweetened frozen cranberries and will try those next. I am only eating lemons, limes and cranberries (hopefully) for my fruit right now. I really hope I can add more as time goes on.

Thanks to everyone for their great recipes !!!
yes, spaghetti squash is super versitle. I went to 3 stores today to get some though and everyone was out! THe season must be ending. I will be sure to plant a lot next fall (I never knew I liked it!). I was hoping to make the flan again- it was really really good!

Frozen cranberries are great in the morning. I sometimes blend them and add stevia to make a 'sorbet' treat Smile
I think I have posted all my spaghetti squash ideas- here's what I have been making lately (let me know if you need any specifics!)
'noodles' with garlic and butter
apple sauce

you could use the puree in the 'cauliflower pancakes' I posted- that would be really yummy!

that is a great idea Sarah- thanks for sharing! I just love having a place to share all these thoughts and ideas! Yay!!

We have been burning through the spaghetti squash. Everytime I make one I think I will be able to do lots of different things with it but it is gone before I know it! The stores I shop at havn't been getting more in and the ones at the farmers market have been tiny...
ha! it has been raining here all week but the market is twice a week, rain or shine. I always feel like such a trooper for braving the rain- I never would have considered it last year, but since starting the diet 6 months ago, I have not missed a market day- yay! I love the positives that have come from this yeast issue!
I'm very grateful for all of the good recipes here as I'm having a hard time (in stage 1 w/ already falling "off the wagon" a few times). In any case, thought I'd mention that I love spaghetti squash and other squashes too and I keep forgetting to buy them for myself now. We have a timesaver for this. We use pressure cookers a lot. You can cut these in half and cook them at high pressure for about 8 min and they're done! This allows us to eat squash even in summer when you don't want the oven on that much.
Hi! I wanted to ask you what stevia you use. I currently order KAL from Myvitanet.com It's 3.5 oz for 15.97. Pure stevia.

I am a bit concerned about lit I've read about damage to DNA - what do you know about that? Of course, the damage to me from sugar is DEFINITE! I have 2 practitioners who have "scolded" me that I really need to be getting away from all sweeteners. Maybe they're right :-(.

Regarding the pressure cookers, I'd be happy to correspond w/ you about that. I have 3 and have used them for about 8 years. I'm loyal to one brand, but I'm sure others are good too. I use Kuhn Rikon. They CANNOT blow up and I've found customer svc to be really good. Thanks for the oil tip. I use coconut oil as my one son has a life threatening allergy to dairy (and probably has candida too). Oh, the life of us w/ sensitivities! If you're interested in corresponding, does everyone do it via the forum or can we email directly?? I'm really new and not sure about protocols.

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