Lifelong wellness after candida

Sustaining Lifelong wellness 

Your new knowledge and self awareness will make it easier for you to maintain glowing health. Some people are much more prone to yeast overgrowth than others, for various reasons (immune strength, health history, diet, stress level, lifestyle, constitutional type). The candida symptom questionnaire can help you monitor your condition.

Am I more sensitive now or just more food aware?

Given your higher level of health, you will be likely to notice an increased tolerance to restricted foods and environmental contaminants. However you are also likely to notice an increased body awareness and increased personal food quality standards from all work you've done learning about your body. This is likely to result in a preference for better eating and an awareness of the impact of unhealthy foods. 

You will discover that sweet and starchy foods may hold less appeal and likely, when you do indulge (occasionally), they will 'unhinge' you less.  With true healing and a restoration of a healthy intestinal ecology our taste buds naturally align with the food choices that are the healthiest. When our intuition and appetite are aligned with our higher good, it is much easier to stay on the healthy path.

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