Hi Hal,

Of all the starchy foods you could eat, lentils are very low on the glycemic index so you could definitely do worse. If you'd like to lower their starch level you can soak them for a few hours, then rinse,  then leave them in a warm room to  sprout. Sprouting is easy with lentils and with mung beans and it further lowers the starch level in the food.

In our food recommendations we suggest a limited number of servings of them.

Do you eat other filling foods? avocados, sprouted dried nuts, eggs, olives, mayonnaise, nitrate free organic meat sticks?

Overall, I wonder how much protein and fat you eat. Feel free to offer a day's menu here if you'd like my perspective on your intake. 

Take good care Hal,


Hello. I will try to give you my food menu. I eat mainly baked chicken and some turkey. These are all antiobiotic free and no hormones. Organic spring salad or organic spinach salad with olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, then I sometimes season it with garlic powder, oregano flakes, cayenne pepper, himilayan salt and cold pressed virgin olive oil for a topping. Vegetables: yellow, spaghetti and butternut squash, green beans with chicken broth, turnips, collard and kale greens, eggplant and turkey with organic tomatoe sauce (no sugar added), asparagus. I also eat coconut pie made out of coconut, eggs, stevia and unsweetened almond milk. Some eggs, slivered almonds. I drink unsweetened almond milk, herbal teas such as ginger, peppermint and some blueberry and lots of water. My major concern is about whether or not I am eating too many lentils and slivered almonds or not. I can eat too much of them because I have a huge appetite. Can I sprout slivered almonds or do they have to be whole? How long does it take to sprout the lentils? almonds? Coconut pie is okay to eat isn't it? Thanks for your help. I have not started the 2nd phase of the purge yet. I still have to order the products. Thanks, Hal.

Hi Hal,

Almonds that you can sprout can be found but not easily. They are unpasteurized, raw and expensive. Likely raw food stores or health stores are your best bet. In the FAQ diet section there is a post about how to sprout beans and seeds/nuts.

From the post above I can see that you are making careful, healthy choices. I cannot tell how much you are eating or how many calories. If you want to add in quantities (in imperial measurements and quantities), I would be able to give you a bit more accurate feedback. 

If you yourself want to know how many calories and how much protein/fat etc that you are eating, there are online calculators you can use.

I'll stand by this week and keep an eye out in case you want to post some more detail for me. Take good care Hal.


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