I´m from Neuquén Argentina, i have been diagnosted with candida krusei in october 15, the problem started in feb 15, i visited more than 9 gynecologists.

Things thats work:

- Terbinafine (I tooked x 3 months, the doctor says i can´t continue because afects the kidneys and the higado(i don´t know the english word).

- Boric Acid 600mg via vaginal ( control the situation but not resolve the problem)

- Lactocyd  soap (help but only local)

Things that i tried, but didn´t work

- Fluconazol 

-ovules all types ( lactobacilus, clotrimazol, metrodinazol/nistatina)

-olive oil

-coco oil


I´m worry because i finished the terbinafine a month ago and i only with the vaginal boric acid, and i think the krusei is in my throat, the doctor give some antibiotics because i started again with sinusitis ( and i know the antibiotics makes candida grows) I have been suffering from a lot of pain in my throat because i dont want more antibiotics.  I don´t know what to do or where to go.

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