Is Candida Yeast Contagious?

Candida Related Complex is not a contagious condition. However the genital yeast can be contagious for some. east does not become a problem for us just because someone else who is having a problem keeping their yeast population under control kisses us or makes love to us. It is a disease that I do not see as contagious. Genital yeast is different and it can be passed back and forth causing troublesome topical issues but this problem does not then travel into the rest of the body. You may have yeast or fungus in the body and then develop it in the genital area but I do not believe that it works the other way around.

We all have candida albicans and other common yeast living in us already. It is our own immune weakness, drug treatment, diet, lifestyle, etc that make us susceptible to it –allowing it to grow out of control Any mobile yeast that one can be exposed to through contact with someone with severe CRC, would be cellular yeast as the really aggressive, problematic, fungal yeast, can’t be transmitted through your body fluids. The cellular yeast wouldn’t be a problem unless one is already succumbing to CRC and in that case, I cannot imagine that the few yeast cells that could be passed on through physical contact could make much of a negative difference.

A man with genital yeast can pass it on to his partner in the form of vaginal or bladder yeast problems and vice versa. Using contaminated towels or having genital skin contact with contaminated bedding can pass some genital yeast to another person. Using vinegar to wash intimate laundry can help to kill yeast on the fabric.

An individual’s total inner health is often referred to as their body’s “terrain”. If the terrain is strong and healthy, then pathogens like candida yeast will not be able to take over. If however, beneficial bacteria levels are low and other body systems are weak, then an intestinal infestation of candida can occur.

If either of you or both of you are experiencing recurring genital yeast, you may wish to use condoms to prevent re-infecting each other.

If a man has genital yeast, he can display redness, a rash, a discharge or bladder irritation. And sometimes it is not that evident. Your MD can do a swab for a man as he can for a woman.

The Whole Approach program is designed to address both forms of candida overgrowth.
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Hi Tarilee--I just have a question about bladder yeast--Since becoming sexually active again (HEE HAW--after my divorce i began to think I was on the road to celibacy!! Eek Big Grin) I've been having what I call bladder infections rather regularly. I wonder if this is vaginal yeast going into that area or if it's bacteria or both. I also know that my diet wasn't where it ought to be for a while (too much coffee and YES as of this week I have finally given it up!) which definitely has had an impact. I also have a couple of friends who have bladder and yeast infections at the same time and I just wanted to know if that's due to an imbalance of bacteria down below or if it's due to a yeast overgrowth? Am I making sense?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this!


PS--I"m pretty sure I gave my partner a yeast infection last month even though we use condoms--the poor man hadn't a clue what happened but I gave him antifungal cream and it went away in 2 days! YIKES! Now if I could just keep my own populations under control that wouldn't have been a problem... Roll Eyes

It's so good to see you back also. Yes I'm sorry to hear about Carla.

You made me laff, congratulating AShley on the 'sex again' issue!! happybounce Take it easy on the lucky man Ashley... Winky

Hopefully when things settle down for you a bit, Deb, you'll be able to put some more time into an effort for YOU to feel better.

jan Cool
You guys CRACK me up!!! Hey Yoga--I've been wondering about you--I'm sorry to hear about your mother in law, but I'm glad you've come back here for a pop in--and CHEERS about the sex! HA!

As for my yeast populations--they went down tremendously in the first year and a half I did this program--I had practically no symptoms at all. But to be honest over the past 6 months I started to drink TONS of coffee, dairy, some sugar and it got out of control again. This is DEFINITELY the yeast beast--I've had it long enough to know it when I see it! But this is also manageable.

Where before if i slipped up it would have taken weeks to start to feel normal, if not months. Now, after slipping up continuosly for 6 months straight (more with the coffee than the sugar mind you) it took until now for me to feel ill from it and it took two days to feel better from it. It just shows how far I've come...Now I've got to get back on the smarter path and continue where I left off 6 months ago.

I've given up coffee completely and I just went out to eat tonight with my mother and watched the woman down 5 pieces of baklava without so much as wanting one! I felt really good about it...

But anyways, just so as not to discourage anyone--this program works, and it works really well. I was a lot sicker than most people which is why it took me so long to get well and why I still have to keep to a decent diet or else suffer. I will also say though that I'm able to have a lot more limit foods than I ever was before, without any repercussions at all and I feel good on a daily basis...

Okay, that's enough of that--I hope you take really good care of yourself yoga and I hope you keep coming back here!!

Love Ashley love2
Ok Ashley, now it is your turn to crack me up, so the lucky little one, is having fun again...and here we all thought you had your nose buried in the books. HA!

And I hear you about the slipping Ashley, it is so true, thank goodness we snap back more quickly...I guess that is the payoff...we can cheat a little and get away with it now.

And Yoga I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, no matter how long we are expecting it, it is still a huge shock. Please accept my most sincere condolences.

Take care guys,

Hi Ash,

I'm glad to hear that you have some loving in your life again. Vitamin L is very good for the immune system! Boy you've managed to fit all kinds of great things into your new life! Good for you.

It sounds like the honeymoon syndrome to me.I have a few tips for you below:

D-Mannose powder is a super fast and gentle remedy for UT infections and bladder infections.

Concentrated cranberry juice mixed with water and stevia is a helpful preventative.

Using staphasagria 30c homeopathic after intercourse and urinating as soon after as possible is also very helpful.

If for any reason you are having intercourse without adequate lubrication, the valve that keeps foreign substances out of the urethra can be rubbed open from friction and this can allow contamination of the UT (urinary tract) which can lead to a UT or a bladder infection, or just irritation.

Ensuring that natural lubrication has developed enough is one important step and another strategy is to have some supplemental lubricant on hand should it be required. This is often necessary with condom use. Check out the cooked, flax gel for this purpose. If you find this helpful, it can be frozen in little glass jars and taken out as needed. Oh, and make sure to use polyurethane condoms if you are going to use home made lubricant.

Cheers girl! This fellow is a lucky man! He must be very special. All the best with this!

TLC love2
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