Is cancer in the genetics?

Cancer runs in family. Should I get genetic testing? 

My family has a long history of members having cancer. I have two aunts who passed away because of breast cancers (one on my mother and the other on my father's side). My grandpa also died because of colon cancer. My mom found a small polyp in her colon 4 years back and another one in her stomach just last year. Both lumps were surgically removed and the doctors said that my mom is okay now, just needs to be "more cautious". My dad is still going strong but with his smoking, I doubt that he would be alright when he gets a bit older. 

I look at my family and I'm scared, actually. So I've been doing research and am considering genetic testing. But I still don't understand it completely. I mean, hơ can a blood test helps me find my cancer risk? Plz help me clarify on this.

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Hi Adam,

This forum is intended to help people choosing a natural and lifestyle/diet approach to normalizing gut ecology. In particular we guide our customers through a candida cleanse. Sorry that I can't help you with your question. Perhaps there are forums more precisely suited?

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