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Every time I go on an anticandida diet, I get extreme irritability and depression.  And it doesn't go away over time.  I know most people get die off for a week or two, but I can't even go on antifungals cause the irritibility and depression are so bad and antifungals just make it worse. I take 250mg molybdenum to help with toxins.  my liver seems fine - so says my naturopath.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.


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Hi there Cathy, You can click the little magnifying bar in the black strip at the top of the page. I know it's hard to adjust to changes in websites. Seems like things are always changing online. Sorry about that. Let us know if you need more hep.

Have you seen the newsletter section? Some helpful topics there. Also, these introductory posts, including one on die off might help. A few more questions to get you sleuthing below. I hope you get feeling better. Also- sepia homeopathic for irritability might be something to talk to the ND about. Also, nervine herbs or adaptogens that help sooth the nervous system may help, or magnesium bisglycinate. I can't make medical recommendations but you could talk to your ND about some of these things and strategize.

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Sleuthing questions re irritability:

Other things to consider is if there is a relationship between when you've been on the computer or sitting near wifi or cordless phone for a stretch? Are there other environmental factors? Mold? Could you be eating something with yeast in it? Other allergic type reactions? Do you keep a food diary? Do you eat a lot of fat or protein or moldy nuts?

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