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Welcome to the Whole Approach forum. I joined this forum as a member and moderator in 2002.

Beliefs about health

I believe that  the deepest health and happiness can be found when we develop  a whole life perspective that honours all life. I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner with a special interest in immune and digestive recovery including general detoxification and recovery from food allergies and candida overgrowth.

I believe in mind-body medicine and in conscious eating and lifestyle choices that benefit ourselves, our ecology and our local and global communities. I am passionate about the benefits of pure healing remedies and food choices. I'm passionate about a self responsible, co-creative, positive outlook and I'm passionate about the importance of healthy homes and an ethical, ecological, economy.  

The Power of the Mind and Brain

We can use our minds to change our brains in a way that influences our bodies and our experience of life. Increasing evidence in the field of neuroplasticity, meditation and other mind science is providing evidence of the opportunity that we  have to alter our experience of our circumstances and possibly even to alter our circumstances. And, on a more global level, as citizens and consumers, we have more power than we think, to create the changes in the world that we wish to see. 

Being the Change we Seek

By seeking out  product and service options that meet our principles, we are building change. In her book, EcoMind (one of my favorites), author Frances Moore Lappe writes about how we are collectively agreeing to (or complicit in), the creation of a world that individually, none of us would agree to.

I believe that, with enough expressed will from a conscious and politically active public (a growing percentage of us), who vote for change with our wallets as well as our ballets, one day, everyone on the planet can have access to high quality food that is produced with care for the health of our biodiversity, our soil, our farmers, and others along the distribution line.

According to Raj Patel, well known food activist and economist, we are currently producing more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet. And, according to a a meta study done by a US university a few years ago, if all food production in the world was converted to organic, agroecological methods, we could increase world food production by 50%. By doing so we would simultaneously reduce many health, social justice, occupational health, pollution and climate problems. 

Humans can have a positive impact by making informed choices about the production processes and business practices that we support.  And for those of us who can, growing and producing our own food and purchasing used goods to meet our other material needs, will lower our ecological footprint substantially.

Home Sweet Home

Matched in importance with what we eat and what we think, is the health of our indoor environments. Choosing building products, furnishings for their healthfulness while learning about the creation of optimum electromagnetic environments has never been more important.

'Thinking like an ecosystem'

To positively influence the health of our planet, we need to start conducting our lives as if we are but a part of the ecosystems we exist in. Or, as author Frances Moore Lappe says, "We need to start thinking like an ecosystem."

Recovery from CRC, reconnects us back to acknowledgement of the importance of restoring natural systems to balance.

Healthy organic foods and other natural products are not only good for us, they are also beneficial for the local farmers, the local economy, the workers all along the supply chain and for the protection of our soil, air and water quality, which is of course comes full circle back to be good for all of us.

Heal thyself to find thyself

For some of us illness can offer a chance to develop a more meaningful, more nourishing, healthier lifestyle.
 The lessons of whole systems, health, and balance changed our perspective and can change our quality of life – forever.

Those who have recovered from CRC often end up growing an intuitive, sustainable approach to life that respects our human need to live in tune with natural rhythms. 

Prior to 2002, I managed a health products hotline for the Canadian health food retail distributor including specific help for those using the same products Whole Approach sells. I also provided retailer and consumer seminars about the careful selection and use of natural health products and specifically health recovery from candida related illness. 

Walking along side you 

I look forward to walking along side you as you pursue your healing journey and wish you a rich and rewarding healing experience. I encourage you to believe that, even when your progress seems slow and your suffering may at times, be great, most days, you are likely gleaning benefits, even if you cannot see them.

Remember too that your lifestyle changes will not  help to create a better world and your courage to pursue healing with a whole approach will help you to develop happiness and compassion.



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