Information on Electrosmog

There are many excellent sources of online information about electrosmog. Some include a lot of unprofessional and un-academic references. I've collected the following resources that are rich in credible scientific views on the related subjects.

Here is one online 'magazine' package that is multi-media and seems to be quite well done as a one stop place to learn all you need to know. Videos, book recommendations, diagrams, articles etc!

Here is a link to a scientific report called The Bioinitiative Report by a group of international scientists who have reviewed and conducted relevant research.

Press Release:
The Report itself:

The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) created by a long list of scientists, engineers, professors and doctors came up with the Benevento Resolution regarding their recommendations for a precautionary approach:

Encyclopedia Brittanica reports that the Australian Medical Association is pressing for a ban on wi-fi in schools. The AMA states that students and teachers complain of related health symptoms when wi-fi is present.

Article about the German government’s strong warning about the use of wireless technology:

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology (PSRAST)

BBC News-Panorama video about wi-fi:

Clear write up on the appearance of industry bias regarding wireless safety issues:

Dr Martin Blank on an analysis of cellular industry verses non-industry conclusions:

Dr Jack Walker about an English village where a study showed clear links between their central tower and illnesses in the immediate area:

A British news program explaining why health professionals are so concerned. Chief scientific advisor to Margaret Thatcher is interviewed.

Public Exposure, online documentary:

Powerwatch website for broad overview of related issues:

A Canadian website link where you can view numerous videos or articles about the problems:

Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada chose not to use wireless connections and at the very bottom of this letter. Here is a link to their full policy on the same:

And here is an excellent website with loads of helpful advise, reports and reviews of studies and more:

Please take the time to inform yourself.


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