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I have heard one of the ways to restore gut flora is to eat food right out of the garden, so I am looking for something to do during the winter months. I was thinking of trying to do an herb garden. I know the main benefit is from eating the vegetables from the soil, so what should I use to grow the herbs. Should I use and organic mix that I buy or should I go get some soil from my outdoor garden. It's warm right now so I could do that. Do you have any input with this?

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What a fun idea. I've not tried using outdoor soil indoors. If you buy a mix it will be sterilized for easier seed germination. I personally would try the real live stuff first but as I say, I've not done it. There are tutorials on Youtube for setting up winter indoor gardens.

Soil based microorganisms from Nature are a great source. And for therapeutic levels we also have this product in a capsule as well as the more conventional probiotics

Fermented vegetables, kimchi, sauerkraut, water kefir drinks, and kombucha are also healthy foods to try to diversify your intestinal flora.

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Thanks Tarilee, I'll give it a try!! 

I am so super sensitive to everything I wanted to start out slower and go with the vegetables out of the garden for a little while before I introduced the SBX, but I definitely wanted to add it in later on. Or do you think the SBX would be the way to go first?

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