Increased food intolerances

This article on food intolerances discusses the potential for increased food allergies/intolerances as a part of both Candida Related Complex (candida overgrowth), and, paradoxically, as part of the recovery period during candida cleansing. 

Food sensitivities or intolerances can actually become worse as we kill off the yeast and funguas. This is because, as they die off, they can leave perforations in the intestines.

This leads to a temporary additional load for the immune system as undigested food particles can be released into the blood stream (Leaky Gut Syndrome).

If you are experiencing a significant increase in food intolerances, healing supports like Smooth Operator are often recommended. For serious cases, soothing gut supplements may be combined with a four day rotation diet.

The complexity of increased food sensitivities can feel exasperating and it takes a lot of careful observation and effort with a healing diet, to recover from. This forum, myself and your fellow members may be able to help so please let us know if you're struggling in this way.

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