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Can someone please tell me the connection between mercury and zinc and heavy metal detox + candida die-off? Something about you needing to get rid of all mercury in order to get rid of candida? But isn't it impossible to completely eradicate candida?? Please help. I am new and overwhelmed and experiencing major die-off symptoms. Thanks.
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Hi Marielle

I'm sure Tarilee will respond with more information tomorrow but I'll post a bit in the meantime!

There seems to be a lot of debate as to which problem to taken first - metals or candida. Tarilee recommends that we tackle the candida first to get the levels down to manageable levels so that our bodies are strong enough to handle a metal detox.

Once you are a bit stronger you can look at a metal detox. I've done a bit of both really. Was on the candida diet for about 2 years before starting metal detox once my body was stronger and now I am detoxing from both candida and mercury.

As to whether you can completely get rid of candida - well we all live in hope! I know a man who had it for 30 years and now is completely free from it! But others it seems continue to struggle.

Tarilee will have more info for you otherwise search "mercury" and "detox" to find other posts Smile

Take care


I was just poking around here and found this question of yours. No, we cannot and should not get rid of candida completely.

Everyone has some naturally in his intestines. The point is to bring it in balance and to not have the destructive (mycelial) form. I hope that I am explaining this correctly.

Bye again for now!

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