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I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed and confused. I tried to exercise but my symptoms especially the sore joints and muscles would not permit it. Feeling like I was a failure, I sat down on my living room floor and cried. I am 4 days into the diet hurting, feeling weak and hungry but afraid to eat. In the midst of crying an idea came to mind i.e. to call whole approach for advice. I pushed through my tears and the almost feeling sorry for myself moment and called. I am so happy that I did ! The person who answered the phone was so patient with me. She listened attentively and made sure that I knew I was not alone. She briefly shared her story and offered suggestions. She showed me how to search the site for information. Our 10 minute or so conversation contained a lifetime of support and information. I feel so powerful right now and I am looking forward to this part of my journey. I now know that I am not alone and I can do this with the support I've received thus far. Thank you so much for everything! Now it's time to go shopping with my Whole Approach grocery list! Yayyy for me! It's raining outside but the sun is shinning bright in my world.

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You CAN do this Tiajuana,


Candida Related Complex can be resolved with patience and persistence and friendly support of others who have 'been there' to bolster our courage to change and find a healthier way to live.


Resolving candida overgrowth can improve many health conditions and everything you will learn along the way can boost your ability to achieve health and quality of life long into your future.


All the best Tiajuana.



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