How to sprout mung beans

Sprouting mung beans is simple and easy and greatly improves both their digestibility and their protein level. It also reduces their level of starch. 

Just soak the beans in water in a glass or stainless steel cooking pot. Leave them for 6-8 hours then drain off the water and partially cover the pot. A small crack in the lid is helpful. Rinse and drain each eight hours until a 'tail' forms on the beans that is at least half as long as the bean itself. Now the bean has been transformed nutritionally. It is as if it is half vegetable and half bean. It will now cook in a matter of a few minutes compared to the better part of an hour (for dried, non sprouted beans).

I feed these beans to people who have sensitive digestion and don't digest beans well. I even feed them to my dog, who loves them. I highly recommend this same approach with lentils as well.


The image below shows 'tails' that are longer than the bean. This is still delicious and I often sprout my beans this long but a much shorter tail is also effective and easy to digest.

mung bean sprouts - Ashley Neese

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