How to reverse the effect of Roundup pesticide on your body- webinar


From Jeffery Smith of Institute for Responsible Technology...

IRT has been working to raise awareness about the health and environmental concerns related to GMO foods. Glyphosate is the chemical name for Roundup- the leading pesticide used in GMO and all other crops. 

Candida loves a weakened body from an unhealthy diet. Don't let Roundup get a chance with your health and eat organic or home grown if you can.

“Glyphosate’s impact on the neurological system:

Autism, IBS & Alzheimer’s”

(This webinar will also discuss ways to mitigate Roundup's impact on the gut - it has been suspected to contribute to Leaky Gut Syndrome)


8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific

Dear Friends,

 My interview with Zach Bush this coming Tuesday is part of a new and exciting phase for me. For years, I have dodged audience question questions like, “What can I do besides eliminating GMOs to heal my body?” My answer has always been “Numerous people report that simply by eliminating GMOs and, even better, switching to organic, they have seen dramatic improvements in their health, and so do their physicians.”

However, over the last decade, I’ve had opportunity to present the scientific evidence on GMO dangers at dozens of medical and healthcare conferences. Thousands of physicians now prescribe non-GMO and organic diets, and many have approached me describing additional products and protocols they use to effectively counteract the influence of GMOs and Roundup on their patients.

For about two years I have been collecting and evaluating products and protocols with my medical advisory team. We want to make sure that there is sufficient scientific evidence and clinical experience before I share anything with you….

...When a product or protocol has sufficient support from the medical advisers whom I trust, I invite the expert to speak to you directly. I will interview them or give them an opportunity to make their case to you so you can make an informed decision. And so all of us can get a better idea of how effective these products and protocols are, we will create a private Facebook group for those who try them in order to give feedback.

In December, I tried this for the first time with Zach Bush, the formulator of “Restore.” The choice was easy because he had scientific research specifically done on glyphosate, the active ingredient of Roundup. Furthermore, he had been recommended to me by many practitioners and experts over the course of several months, and his protocols make sense.  

On Tuesday, Zach will discuss how to counteract glyphosate’s threat of leaky gut, and he will describe the numerous disorders and diseases that may see improvement when a leaky gut is healed.

Jeffrey Smith


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This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered.

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