How to fill in the symptom questionnaire

The first time you fill in the quiz it will help you assess health history and current symptoms. This will help you determine how likely it is that candida overgrowth is contributing to your health problems. Then, if you fill it out weekly, it can help you track your health progress on the Whole Approach Candida Diet and Whole Approach Candida Protocol.

By keeping you focused in where you are improving it can reduce your impatience and by helping you connect your results with your diet and product protocol changes, it can improve your precision with your healing strategies.

You'll be able to see when efforts are working and feel encouraged. Alternately, when your efforts are not working, you'll know it's time to change your approach.

Ongoing Tracking

After filling in the questionnaire for the first time for "diagnostic" purposes, you may skip the last three questions as they are related to health history. You can then adjust the scale to reflect this change (see end for scale)

Frequently asked questions:

Do I answer according to how I am at the moment I'm filling out the questionnaire or since I last filled it out?

The questionnaire will work best if you try to estimate an assessment based on the total symptoms that you have had over the entire week or since you filled it in.

I can't tell if my symptoms better or if I am just managing my health better. Should I answer according to how I feel or how I would feel if I didn't take so much care with my health?

You're going to be learning about health and self-care and thus bound to be eating more wisely and feeling better. If so, wonderful- keep it up! Filling in these answers will improve your observation skills and helps you discover what works best for you. As you move into the maintenance stage of the diet, if your symptoms stay low, you'll know you're on the right track. Makes sure to consult your questionnaire results before you move to the next stage of the diet or increase your anti-fungal dosage.

Other health issues 

I'm currently having health issues- like hayfever or PMS. I know some of the symptoms on the questionnaire come from these. Should I count them?

Go ahead and score the allergy symptom accurately but a note on your questionnaire (paper copy) or in your health diary will help you keep the season in perspective.

Tracking the severity of the allergies and hormonal shifts are both quite relevant to candida overgrowth as it worsens both of these imbalances. Many people find that as they get the yeast under control (improving their overall health in the process), issues like hay fever and PMS can be greatly reduced or even eliminated. If you know where you are in your cycle, you may wish to make a note in your health diary or on your questionnaire.

If I've used birth control pills in the past, will it forever affect my score with a yes answer to that question?

Your history of BCP use is relevant as an aid in diagnosis of the potential that candida issue is contributing to your health challenge. You only need to count this question the first time. See the above notes regarding removal of the three history questions to use the questionnaire as a tracking tool. The same approach applies to the other history questions- i.e. antibiotic or steroid use. By removing it after the first time, you will of course lower your score. However if you left it in, you would never get to a zero score.

What symptoms constitute menstrual irregularities?

For the purpose of this quiz, severe menstrual cramps, PMS and/or irregular period as 'menstrual irregularities.'

 I am no longer having a menstrual cycle, should I answer based on what happened when I was menstruating?

It is best to answer for how you have been in the last week. If you have not had menstrual difficulties of any kind in the prior week you can score it a zero. 

Initial Assessment Rating

MILD - 35 to 55 

MODERATE - 56 to 85

SEVERE - 86 plus

Ongoing- without last three questions

MILD - 33-52

MODERATE - 53-82

SEVERE - 83 plus


Note: This questionnaire does not provide score a definite diagnosis of Candida overgrowth. Other conditions can produce similar symptoms; for example - menopause irregularities, endocrine imbalances, autoimmune conditions, viruses etc. Although many of these conditions are frequently associated with accompanying yeast infestations, treating the yeast overgrowth will lighten the load on your immune system, regardless of the source of your symptoms. Please see the information about Diagnosing Candida for more information.

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